Weiss Schnee from RWBY by Animu

This print is ready to go and does not need any more fixing to be printed!

This print already has all the support material ready to go, DO NOT add SUPPORT MATERIAL.
the support material that i already added to the file has tapered ends and easily breaks off, however be very careful removing, especially around the head. no cutting or gluing necessary.

there are TWO stl files included, PRINT THE 3DPrintReady FILE. I included files of the print without supports if you want to add your own supports. note a base is necessary or the model will tip over.

i included my Cura print settings if you were curious, however you should switch to like a .05 mm layer height and a slower print speed to make it look better. if i get around to it, ill print it again at slower speed and post more pictures. i printed mine kind of fast.

i did a bunch of smoothing in Meshmixer, so the stl file is quite big even after being ‘reduced’ so be patient!

i only had black PLA on hand, im sure a white plastic will make the details show up better, especially in pictures. and wont leave white spots where the support material attached.

Im working on making the whole RWBY gang, but my job is sucking all my time and on top of that meshmixer keeps crashing so be patient!these things a pain to get printable

Note: i reduced the unnecessary triangles after i added the supports, so the file with no supports is much bigger than the other but i didnt feel like going back in and reducing that file lol.

Printer Brand:



Wanhao Duplicator i3 Plus






.1 mm layer height


30% this is critical that you make it at least 30 percent


I printed this on a monoprice maker select plus (a rebrand of the wanhao, identical printer)
if you want to speed up print time, keep the outer layer slow, so it looks good, but increase the fill print speed.

IMPORTANT: you MUST have AT LEAST a .8mm shell thickness or the supports will fuse with the model!

i included all my Cura print settings in the images

just a pliers and a flush cut to remove any stringing and the break-away supports. be carful removing supports, the model has many detailed and thin features.

this is a scan of an MMD model that posed and edited and made print ready with pmx editor and meshmixer. i also did a lot of smoothing, the scan had sharp polynomials and edges. the sword and Weiss were separate models so aligning the prop was a little tricky. i also quickly made a base for it in SolidWorks. a bunch of detail, like the sword tapering, and her belt/ribbon got lost in the process because it would be near impossible to print.

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