3D white bow tie by ACC- Unique design bowtie for men- Premium quality 3D printed bow tie- Original 3D bowtie for special occasions

Product description: It comes a time when a man has to dress with style, but that time can be every day. Maybe you are going to a wedding, to a business reception or to a casual meeting. No matter the reason, you really have to look outstanding. If you choose a bowtie over a tie, that says a lot about you. It means you like to stand out from the crowd and you love to make a difference when attending that special occasion. But what if you choose to wear an original 3D bow tie that no one has? Well, the 3D butterfly bow tie is that one of a kind accessory ready to attract all eyes. You know they will stare, so make them worth their while. The ACC bowtie is a premium quality 3D printed butterfly bow tie with the mission of creating an impressive outfit.
Main features:
•Revolutionary accessory: Don’t worry, this is not an ordinary bowtie, because it would be just boring. This 3D printed bowtie is an original and innovative item which is a “must-have” for the modern man.
•3D printed design: The ACC bowtie is carefully printed using some of the best performing 3D printers for a superior quality and a long-lasting use.
•Easy to use and maintain: For the perfect look, just attach the 3D bow tie with your favorite shirt and you are ready for everything! It is recommended to wash the bowtie manually to avoid rupture.

Product Features

  • UNIQUE BOWTIE DESIGN FOR MEN: The ACC bowtie has a unique design, bringing innovation into your life and into your wardrobe. Forget about the ordinary because now you can have the extraordinary, for an original look, every time you want to impress.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY 3D BOWTIE: This 3D printed bowtie is made using some of the best performing 3D printers, which makes it a durable accessory, ready to upgrade your style. Its premium quality assures you that you can keep it forever, in the same shape you got it for the first time.
  • ORIGINAL 3D BOWTIE FOR SPECIAL OCCASIONS: Be different and wear the original 3D printed bow tie. The item is ideal for casual or elegant events, where a dress code may be required.
  • CREATIVITY MAKES THE DIFFERENCE: It is hard for a man to create a special outfit, especially when he goes for a “black tie”, but with a little tweak, you can change the common “black tie” with something original. This is a creative bowtie for men, ready to add a modern touch to your every appearance.
  • PRODUCT/PACKAGE SPECIFICATIONS: The product has the following dimensions 4.3 x 0.4 x 2.2 inches and a shipping weight of 0.8 ounces. The package is lightweight and it will be easy for you to storage your 3D bowtie everywhere.

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Uvital 3D Drawing Pen Filament PLA 1.75mm Refills for 3D Printing Pen (12 Unique Colors 20 Feet)

Product Features

  • ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY AND SAFE: Highest Quality of PLA Material,PLA is a new type of environmentally friendly biodegradable materials made from renewable plant resources (such as corn) starch material proposed. For our children’s health, please select PLA 3D Pen Filament Refills which without a nasty smell and safe for kids! It works with ANY 3D Printing Pen using 1.75mm PLA filament. The temperature range for this product is 160¡æ-200¡æ along with a tolerance of +/- 0.05mm
  • 12 UNIQUE COLORS: These 3D pen filament refills pack comes with 12 beautiful colors to give you more options when creating your artistic master piece. A great gift set for your kids and art lover to have fun with crafting and drawing
  • ULTRA-SMOOTH: Tecboss 3D printing pen filament is made of high quality material, which is always round, with no oily residue or breaks. It can produce well lines and bright colors without bubble
  • GREAT GIFT FOR KIDS:it’s good for develop the creativity and imagination of children. It is made of environment friendly PLA plastic,which is harmless to body
  • 100% GUARANTEE: We are so confident to our product quality and stand behind it 100%, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any question we will promptly and courteously offer you a full refund or a brand new replacement.

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3D Printing Pen Filament Refills ABS – Pay Less for 100 Linear Feet of Color Rich ABS Filament – 10 Unique Colors – 1.75mm Diameter – 10 ft Long Each – Start Creating Now

3D pen is an awesome playground for your children and powerful tool if you are an Artist or starting a new DIY project. Free your mind and use it the way you want to explore that endless field of possibilities

You can create some heroes from your favorite books, stylish fridge magnets or decorate a planter. With each pack of 3DOM PEN filaments; you get the best foundation for your ideas


      Canary Yellow, Green, Orange, Pink, White, Red, Blue, Purple, Black, Gray


      Great results with paper stencils and drawings


      Works with popular devices including Scribbler, Lix pen, MakerBot, XYZprinting, 7Tech, Yaya


      Please do not use it with devices designed for 3.00mm, like 3Doodler (use 3Doodler filament in this case)


      Type: ABS filament
      Size: 1.75mm filament with a +/- 0.05mm diameter tolerance
      Packaging: Air-sealed packaging to ensure your filaments stay fresh


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      Your satisfaction is our primary goal
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Product Features

  • ★ WORKS WITH 99% OF PENS – this ABS filament is 1.75mm in diameter and it will work with all 3D pens except 3-Doodler
  • ★ 10 MOST POPULAR COLORS – Canary Yellow, Green, Orange, Pink, White, Red, Blue, Purple, Black, Gray
  • ★ 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – Reach out with any questions to our US based customer support, we read and respond every message
  • ★ IDEAL LENGTH – Each color is 3 meters in length which is plenty for multiple sessions without being too bulky
  • ★ SAFE PACKAGING – We use air-sealed packaging to keep the filament fresh

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Greatssly 594 Linear feet 3D Pen Filament Refills 1.75mm PLA material of 18 Unique Colors 33 feet Each Color (Not ABS)

Product Description:
 Strong-binding and quick-drying compared to other products: you can draw faster!
 18 Unique Colors to make your 3D drawing fantastic!
 Safe and non-toxic: our products are made of degradable bio-plastic!
 Non-offensive odor: has a roasted-corn smell when printing!
Free one: a tiny spatula – Free two: 10 unique 3D stencils – Free three: a 2D stencil book!

Greatssly has been one of the leading manufacturer of 3D printer/pen filament industry, which is dedicated to provide high quality and diversity 3D printer/pen filaments.
Our products are primarily used in military and medical industries. We have an independent R&D capacity of 3D printer/pen filaments.
The modified PLA (Polylactic Acid) material used in our products is developed independently by our own R&D institution. This material has no offensive odor and is made of degradable bio-plastic, which is no-harm to your health and environment.
We have an optimized R&D team to develop new colors and materials according to your demands.Meanwhile, Greatssly has multiple large 3D printer equipment.

Product Features

  • 18 Unique Colors 33 Feet Each Color:White, Black, Red, Yellow, BlueGreen, Pink, Purple, Blue, Orange, Cyan, Sky-blue, Gray, Coffee, Beige, Gold, Silver, Light-gray.
  • Free one: a tiny spatula – Free two: 10 unique 3D stencils – Free three: a 2D stencil book!
  • PLA is Non-Toxic And Eco-Friendly
  • Universal compatible with most 1.75mm 3D pens and printers(Dimensional Accuracy +/- 0.05mm)!
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – If you’re not satisfied, simply contact us and get a full refund.

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