Creator of ZYYX 3D printer developing sub-$12K metal additive manufacturing system

Mar 8, 2018 | By Benedict

Sweden’s Magicfirm Europe AB, creator of the ZYYX 3D printer, says it is developing a metal 3D printer that will cost less than 10,000 euros ($12,400). The three-step binder 3D printing system should be ready for shipping in 2019.

Leaders of the biggest additive manufacturing companies often say that metal 3D printers are the future of the industry, being the best machinery for creating end-use parts. But the price points of even the cheapest metal 3D printers remain prohibitive for many businesses—even relatively successful ones.

Any news of a low-cost metal 3D printer is therefore welcome news, and Sweden’s Magicfirm Europe AB has just announced the development of a three-stage metal 3D printing system that will cost less than $12,400. The company, which was founded in 2013 and is best known for its ZYYX FDM 3D printers, says the metal printer could be ready next year.

“We have been developing our metal 3D printing technology for some time and we are now ready to show an early stage proof of concept,” said Mats Moosberg, CEO of Magicfirm Europe AB and creator of the ZYYX 3D printer. “We’re still fine tuning the process and the objects we are showing now highlight the spectrum of materials and print volume.”

Magicfirm’s patent-pending 3D printing process lies somewhere between laser sintering and binder jetting, and can be broken down into three separate steps:

  1. Building the “green body” through an FDM-like process with 50-microns resolution and the possibility to create any geometries
  2. Removing the binder to create the “brown body”
  3. Sintering the brown body into a solid metal part using “innovative techniques”

Magicfirm says the 3D printing process works with materials like copper, bronze, brass, and steel, with other materials potentially to be added in the next phase of development. It has used its proof-of-concept printer to make various demonstrator prints in these materials.

“We see a great opportunity to build upon our ZYYX pro 3D printer for engineering materials and give our customers access to another ZYYX tool for doing real prototyping and one-off production in metal, in a safe way regardless of facilities,” Moosberg said. “We have also started talking to different parties for funding the continued development and commercialization of the product. To show real prints is a good way to get the word out there.”

Magicfirm Europe AB is located next to Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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GE reveals 3D Printer for one meter metal objects and system will scale to larger sizes

GE revealed the beta version of the world’s largest 3D printer for metals, which uses a laser and a powder bed to make parts. It is capable of printing parts as large as 1 meter in diameter directly from a computer file by fusing together thin layers of metal powder with a 1-kilowatt laser. The machine has the potential to build even bigger parts, due to the nature of the scalable technology. Customers are already requesting machines with build volumes of more than 1 meter cubed.

GE used the beta machine to print a jet engine combustor liner.

GE uses proprietary technology to control powder dosing, reducing powder consumption by 69 percent compared to traditional machines “on its first attempt.” The machine will also print faster than today’s machines. GE can configure the design and allows customers to add more lasers.

The new printer will also take advantage of Predix, GE’s software platform for the industrial internet, to monitor the printing process and also the health of the machine. Concept Laser’s new M2 printers already come with data analytics using Predix to monitor machine utilization and production and look for potential problems before they occur.

Several GE businesses are already using additive manufacturing to make and develop new products. GE Aviation is printing fuel nozzles for the LEAP family of jet engines. The company is also building the Advanced Turboprop, the first commercial aircraft engine in history with a large portion of components made by additive manufacturing methods, which include 3D printing. The designers reduced 855 separate parts down to just 12. As a result, more than a third of the engine is 3D printed. GE Healthcare, GE Power and the oil- and gas-field services company Baker Hughes are also using the technology.

DROK® GT2/2GT Timing Belt System 5pcs 20-tooth Width 6mm Bore 5mm Aluminum Timing Belt Pulley and 10 Meters Rubber Timing Belt with Allen Wrench Fit for RepRap 3D Printer Prusa i3

Pulley’s Description:

This is synchronous aluminum belt pulley for 3D printer.

This pulley is for 6mm width GT2 timing belt and 5mm shaft stepper motor.

There are two screws for each set of pulley (the screws are included in the package).

Pulley Specifications:

Tooth: 20T

Bore: 5mm

Belt Width: 6mm

Material: aluminum

Belt’s Parameters:

Width: 6mm

Length: 10 meters (32.9 feet)

Material: Rubber



3D printer; motorized camera slider; belt sander; dishwasher; packing machinery; motorcycle; vehicle; mining equipment; dryer; conveyor and etc.


No folding, in order to avoid damage to the skeleton material, cause negative impact on the strength of the timing belt.

Avoid contact with chemicals (especially strong oxidizing acid, such as concentrated sulfuric acid, etc.).

Avoid contact with oil and water for a long-term.

When change the timing belt, the belt cannot take out unless the tension of the belt reduced to the lowest level and cannot use non-professional tools to pry it down.

Package Includes:

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1 x Allen Wrench

1 × 10 Meters GT2/2GT Timing Belt

Product Features

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  • Timing belt: Length: 10 meters (32.9feet); Width: 6mm.
  • GT2/2GT timing belt system is designed for linear motion and precision,high positioning accuracy.
  • Wide application: Wide application: 3D printer; motorized camera slider; belt sander; mining equipment; dryer; conveyor and etc.
  • Package includes: 5 x GT2 Timing Belt Pulley; 1 x Allen Wrench; 1 × 10 Meters GT2/2GT Timing Belt.

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