Anet A8/Hesine M505/Tronxy 3D Printer clone Frame 6mm PlyWd similar to Prusa i3

Anet A8 / Hesine M505 / Tronxy 3D Printer clone Frame Laser Cut 6mm PlyWood

I propose to sell a laser-cut standard sized frame for assembling Anet A8 / Hesine M505 / Tronxy 3D printer.
It were reverse engineered from Anet A8 8mm Acrylic frame. The frame material is a 6mm polished birch plywood
(thickness may vary + \ – 0.85 mm it depends from plywood suppler).

Package include:

  • Bottom support plate 1pcs
  • Top support plate 1pcs
  • Side support plate 2pcs
  • Back plate 1pcs
  • Front plate 1pcs
  • Z axis upper Support plate / lock plate 2pcs
  • Z axis motor fixed plate 2pcs
  • Y axis motor fixed plate 1pcs
  • Z axis motor support Plate 4pcs
  • Guide rod back up plate 6pcs
  • Y axis belt fixation clamp 2pcs
  • Y axis Limit switch fixed plate 1pcs
  • Y axis motor support 1pcs
  • Z axis Limit switch fixed plate
  • Y axis belt bearing support

Product Features

  • 6mm Plywood (~1/4″)
  • You need minimum 3d printed parts for printer assembly
  • Shipping by airmail

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ALUNAR 3D Printer Prusa I3 Kit Self Assembly Mini DIY Desktop FDM 3D Learning for Industry School Kids Education Similar to Anet A8

ALUNAR 3D printer is a DIY 3D printer I3 kit that comes with all the 3D printer spare parts needed.
This printer is widely used in education, industrial design, school research, home use and much more.
Not only you can learn and know how the 3D printer works
and also you can make some really neat objects by this ALUNAR I3 3D printer.

However, we must tell you:
1.This 3D printer is in need of great passion,

patience and operational ability since it is a DIY kit, comes with all 3D printer spare parts.
2. This 3D printer is perfect for PLA 3D printing, without heated bed.
3.This 3D printer is a user-certified printer kit, it is fully normally functional,
if any problems during the assembly and use, please contact us immediately to resolve.

3D Printer Parameters:
Frame: Acrylic
Color: Black
Machine Size: 395*395*415mm
Packing Size: 500*460*150mm
Machine Weight:5.8 Kg
Gross Weight:8.0 kg
Power Adapter:
Input:AC110V/220V 50/60Hz
Output:DC12V 5A

Technical Specification:
Printing Technology: FDM
Heated Bed: NO
Print Size: 150*150*150mm
Filament Diameter: 1.75mm
Number of Extruder:1
Nozzle Diameter:0.4mm(default)
Printing Precision: 0.1-0.3mm
Printing Speed: 40-120mm/s
X Y Axis Speed: 500mm/s (MAX)
Z Axis Speed:5mm/s (MAX)
Nozzle Temperature:260℃(MAX)
Working condition:10-40℃
Operating System: Windows, Mac,Linux
Control Software: Repetier-Host,Cura
File format:STL,OBJ,G-code
Display LCD: MINI 12864
Interface:USB /TF card(support offline print)

Package Included:
1* Black ALUNAR DIY 3D Printer Kit
1*3D Filament Spool Holder
1*3D Filament
1*USB Cable
1*TF Card
1*Tool Kit
and other spare parts

Product Features

  • First DIY 3D Printer Kit and Best Gift: classical black and unique blue versions for options.
  • Optimized and upgraded extruder for easy and safe filament loading and high precision printing.
  • Upgraded and certificated power adapter with power on and off switch make sure it’s so easy and safe to use the 3D printer.
  • Over Heat and Over Time Protection:If the preheat time over the origin, the printer will alarm and stop working to remind you.It is much safer.
  • Better modularization DIY parts and colorful sockets on main board for easier wiring and faster installation,so we can have fun and enjoy the assembly and get great learning experience.

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