Luxnwatts Creality 12V Cooling Fan 40mmx40mmx10mm 4010 Oil Bearing With 4010 Blower Set for CR-10 10S S4 S5 Series 3D Printer

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Luxnwatts Creality 12V Cooling Fan 40mmx40mmx10mm 4010 Oil Bearing With 4010 Blower Set for CR-10 10S S4 S5 Series 3D Printer


4010 Oil Bearing Fan:
Dimension: 40x40x10m
Rated Voltage: DC 24V
Power Connector: XH2.54-2Pin
Rated Current: 0.04Amp±10%
Fan Speed: 8000RPM±10%
Air flow: 7.5CFM±10%
Noise Level: 25dBA ± 10%
Life: 40000 hrs
Weight: 15g/pcs

4010 Blower Fan
Volume: 4010
Weight: 0.078KG
Type: blowers, humidifiers
Bearings: Oil-bearing
Operation Voltage: DC 12V
Use For :Creality CR-10

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Product Features

  • 12V Cooling Fan for 3D Printer
  • 4010 Oil Bearing Fan with 4010 Blower Fan Set
  • Dimension: 40 x 40 x 10mm
  • 1M Length of Cable Black Color Fan Body

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RION TECH 2pcs Cooling Blower Fan DC 12V 0.23A 50x50x15mm 5015 Fans for 3d Printer Humidifier Aromatherapy and Other Small Appliances Series Repair Replacement

Cooling Blower Fan 12vdc 0.23A 50mmx15mm Widely used in humidifier, aromatherapy and other small appliances series; small heat radiating communication equipment; military equipment; intelligent industrial control equipment plate cooling heat, high precision medical equipment cooling; pc cpu server cooling dissipation and so on—Repair Replacement (2Pack)

Type: Centrifugal Blower Size : 50 * 50 * 15
Bearings: Oil
Voltage : 12V
Current : 0.23A
Scope: humidifiers , heaters, clothes dryers , etc.

Product Features

  • DC 12V 50mm Blower Cooling Fan Hotend Extruder Turbine Fan for 3D Printer
  • Power Connection: 2-Pin
  • Blade 5015S.
  • Total Size : 5 x 5 x 1.5cm /2″ x 2″ x 0.6 ” (L*D*H); Outlet Size : 2 x1.5cm/0.8″ x 0.6″(L*W) Cable Length : 25cm/9.8″; Mounting Spacing : 5.8cm/2.3″;Weight : 26g
  • Bearing Type: Dual Ball Bearing, Speed: 6000 RPM, Air Flow : 3.87 CFM; Connector: 2 Terminal Connector with 2pin-ph2.5;

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ApplyLabWork MD-R001BK Formlabs Compatible 3D Resin, Design Concept Series, Modeling SLA UV Printing Material, 1 Liter, Black

High resolution, good strength and strong material performance for designers and Engineers of all types to perfect their designs & concepts. Vic free resin.

Product Features

  • Calibrated on Formlabs’ Form2 (Open Mode) and Form1+ , VAT friendly (extensively tested)
  • High tensile strength (50-57mpa) with balanced elongation (3-8 percent )
  • Capture the finest details of your print (0.10.025Mm layer thickness), smooth finish surface, accurate and robust
  • Quick setup in preform: Printer Model select: From1+ or From2/ Material select: black & V1
  • Investment casting [ceramic shell] burn out: 1, 100°c/2, 012°f, 1 hour (single step)

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Luxnwatts 3D Printer Parts Extension Cable Kit for Creality CR-10 Series 10S S4 S5 3D Printer

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This is Original Creality Extension Cable for CR-10 CR-10S S4 S5 3D Printer

Package List

1Pcs Extension cable kit for CR-10 3D Printer

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Product Features

  • It is Suitable for Upgrade Creality CR-10 Series 3D Printer
  • It is about 1M Length 0.4kg Total Weight
  • Good Package With Fast Delivery

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