ApplyLabWork MD-R001BK Formlabs Compatible 3D Resin, Design Concept Series, Modeling SLA UV Printing Material, 1 Liter, Black

High resolution, good strength and strong material performance for designers and Engineers of all types to perfect their designs & concepts. Vic free resin.

Product Features

  • Calibrated on Formlabs’ Form2 (Open Mode) and Form1+ , VAT friendly (extensively tested)
  • High tensile strength (50-57mpa) with balanced elongation (3-8 percent )
  • Capture the finest details of your print (0.10.025Mm layer thickness), smooth finish surface, accurate and robust
  • Quick setup in preform: Printer Model select: From1+ or From2/ Material select: black & V1
  • Investment casting [ceramic shell] burn out: 1, 100°c/2, 012°f, 1 hour (single step)

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Luxnwatts 3D Printer Parts Extension Cable Kit for Creality CR-10 Series 10S S4 S5 3D Printer

Welcome to order from Luxnwatts for Creality 3D Printer Parts

This is Original Creality Extension Cable for CR-10 CR-10S S4 S5 3D Printer

Package List

1Pcs Extension cable kit for CR-10 3D Printer

Notice: Pls feel free to send us message if you have any questions or problem for our products, we will reply you within 24 hours. Thank you.

Product Features

  • It is Suitable for Upgrade Creality CR-10 Series 3D Printer
  • It is about 1M Length 0.4kg Total Weight
  • Good Package With Fast Delivery

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PZRT 2020 Series 50-Pack M3 T-Nuts,Carbon Steel Nickel-plated Half Round Roll In Sliding T Slot Nut 6mm Slot Aluminum Profile Accessories

Color: Silver
Shape: Hammer Head
Material: Carbon Steel
Brand Name:PZRT
Thread Type: M3
Length: Aprrox.10mm/0.39″
Width: Aprrox.6mm/0.24″
Thickness: Aprrox.4mm/0.16″
Total Size: 10 x 6 x 4mm/0.39″x0.24″x0.16″(LxWxT)

1.Made of high-quality carbon steel.
2.T-Nut with M3 thread.
3.Suitable for standard aluminum profile extrusion slot.

Package Include:
50 x M3 Thread T-Nuts

Product Features

  • 2020 Series Aluminum Profile T-Nuts widely used for building industrial aluminum frame structures, 3D printers, CNC Routers, CNC laser cutters, Robotics Projects
  • Made from high quality carbon steel, these nuts have high hardness and a long service life surface is Nickel-plated for good rust resistance and better performance.
  • There are total 50pcs nut that you can use for many projects.
  • Half Round Roll In Sliding T Slot Nut 6mm Slot They are simple to use and convenient to connect aluminum profiles to other parts.
  • These hammer head nut are mainly used for 6mm slot standard aluminum extrusion profiles.

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SABIC goes large with a series of material launches at formnext 2017

Saudi 3D printing materials producer and OEM Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) has announced the European launch of its Thermocomp AM 3D printing compounds, specifically for large format 3D printing.

SABIC also debuted its new Lexan EXL filament.

Thermocomp AM, specialised for larger than life applications

SABIC’s Thermocomp AM materials have been developed for use in large-format pellet-fed extruders. The materials are reinforced with carbon or glass fibres, optimising them for  use in the high temperatures and durability required for tooling, aerospace, automotive and defense applications.

Explaining SABIC’s move into large format materials, Stephanie Gathmnan, Director of Emerging Applications noted that “large format additive manufacturing is opening up tremendous new opportunities for producing large, complex parts with speed and precision.”

Gathman added that “SABIC also supports customers with world-class processing, design and testing capabilities at our U.S. Center of Excellence for Additive Manufacturing in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. These resources help customers accelerate application development for large printed parts.”

The Thermocomp AM compounds are based on the company’s existing ABS, PPE, PC and PEI resins. Each of these compounds exhibits low warping under high temperatures, and can be adapted depending on application with the addition of carbon or glass fibre.

3D printing with the new SABIC Thermocomp AM materials. Photo via SABIC.

Thermocomp AM’s maiden voyage

To demonstrate the large-format capabilities of the Thermocomp AM materials, SABIC displayed a section of the Livrea Yacht hull, designed and 3D printed with Autodesk at SABIC’s Pittsfield center.

According to Mike Geyer, director of Evangelism and Emerging Technology at Autodesk, large format 3D printing removed “need for molds and prototyping,” producing a yacht hull that was “lighter and stronger,” and “a fraction of the cost” of traditionally fabricated parts.

Joshua Chiaw, SABIC’s director of LNP Compounds and Copolymers stated that SABIC would now be assessing the large-format suitability of PBT, PA, PPS and PEEK.

The Livrea Yachts project used a carbon fiber-reinforced PPE compound for the hull’s outer layer, and carbon fiber-reinforced PEI for the inner lattice support structure. Image via SABIC.The Livrea Yachts project used a carbon fiber-reinforced PPE compound for the hull’s outer layer, and carbon fiber-reinforced PEI for the inner lattice support structure. Image via SABIC.

Lexan filament

SABIC announced in October that it would use formnext 2017 to launch a new high-impact filament for FDM 3D printing, without revealing further details. This has now been revealed as the LEXAN EXL AMHI240F FDM filament, based on SABIC’s previous LEXAN PC filaments.

Apart from it’s high toughness, the EXL filament improved ductility at room temperature and at temperatures as low as to -30 °C, shown by a notched Izod impact test (featured image). The filament has a heat deflection temperature of 140 °C, higher than ABS filaments, and is UL94 V-0 flammability compliant at 3.0 mm in XY and XZ dirextions.

The EXL AMHI240F FDM filament features a 1.79 mm diameter and 1510 cc per spool. It processes at standard Stratasys print settings for PC.

SABIC is exhibiting at formnext 2017, hall 3.1, booth G78.

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Featured image shows a notched Izod test showing tensile strength of normal filament versus SABIC’s new LEXAN EXL filament. Photo via SABIC.

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