BIQU 330mm 8mm T8 Lead Screw Set Lead Screw+ Copper Nut + Coupler + Pillow Bearing Block for 3D Printer

Lead Screw Length: 330mm
Lead Screw Diameter: 8mm
Coupler Shaft Usage:5mm to 8mm
Coupler Dimension:25*19mm
Pillow Bearing Block Bore:8mm
Net Weight: 181g

Package Included:
1* T8-330mm Lead Screw
1* Copper Nut
2*Pillow Bearing Block

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Product Features

  • Lead screw length: 330mm
  • Lead screw diameter: 8mm
  • Coupler shaft usage:5mm to 8mm
  • Coupler dimension:25*19mm/Pillow bearing block bore:8mm
  • Note: If there have any missing part please contact us before leaving the negative review and feedback, thanks!

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BIQU Leveling Component M3 Screw Leveling Spring Leveling Knob Suite for 3D Printer(Pack of 5set)

Package List:
5 X M3 * 40 Screws
5 X Leveling Knob
5 X Leveling Springs

Product Features

  • Made of stainless steel
  • Size: M3 * 40
  • Pack of 5set

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