(2-Pack) 1 Mil Hi-Temp Kapton Tape; 2 Roll Set of Polyimide Film Tape for 3D Printing, Soldering, Insulating Circuit Boards & More! (1 Inch)

(2-Pack) 1 Mil Hi-Temp Kapton Tape; 2 Roll Set of Polyimide Film Tape for 3D Printing, Soldering, Insulating Circuit Boards & More!

Durable and easily conformable, our high temperature Kapton film tape is ideal for many home and commercial applications, and now sold in convenient 2-roll value packs!

Made of heat-resistant polyimide film and backed by silicone adhesive, our Kapton tape will leave you with clean precise lines and wraps that are easy to remove, with no gunky residue. Even at excessive temperatures!

Safe and RoHS compliant, our low static film tape can withstand temperatures from -452 to 752 degrees Fahrenheit, ideal for high-temperature powder-coating, automotive sensor and manifold work, etching, fiber optics cable wrapping and 3D printing. ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) plastic used in 3D printers adheres securely to Kapton tape for seamless, un-warped designs every time. Our temperature resistant tape is also fantastic for insulation and soldering – you can put the soldering iron on the tape and it won’t melt!

Whether you’re wrapping, coating, repairing, or insulating, our transparent Kapton tape is the ultimate tool. Sturdy but easily conformable, our tape is transparent for superior task visibility. Enjoy easy, perfectly placed applications every time.

Each roll contains 216 feet of polymide Kapton film tape. Now available in 1/2-inch, 1-inch, and 2-inch sizes. Each size is 1 mil thick, with a tensile strength of 33,500 psi. RoHS compliant.

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Product Features

  • ✓ CONVENIENT 2 PACK – High temperature Kapton tape now sold in value packs of 2 rolls; each roll contains 216 feet per roll.
  • ✓ HIGH TEMPERATURE POLYIMIDE FILM TAPE – Kapton tape is durable and capable of withstanding temperatures from -452 to 752 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • ✓ NO RESIDUE – Backed with silicone adhesive, our high temperature tape peels away cleanly, without residue.
  • ✓ TRANSPARENT – Transparency allows for project visibility, such as observation of circuit boards during processing, and makes perfect placement easy.
  • ✓ MULTI-PURPOSE APPLICATIONS – Strong, but easily conformable, our Kapton tape is ideal for a variety of home and commercial projects like 3D printing, soldering, high-temperature powder coating, etching, and more!

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1758 Multicolor Gradient Color ,PLA 3D Printing Filament ,Pla Filament Colors,Pla Filament Color Set,1.75mm 300g/roll ,Each Roll has 7 Colors

Welcome to 1758 3D World
Our 3D Printer and 3D Filament try to help you to print your imagination into touchable rewarding reality.
3D Filament:
ABS/ PLA/ PVA/ HIPS/ PETG/ Flexible/Nylon/Metal PLA/Multi-color PLA/PLA Change color by Temp/Wood 3D filament ect with vibrant colors
1.With a dimensional accuracy of +/- 0.05mm,a roundness tolerance of 5%.
2.with no oily residue, no air bubbles, and it comes loaded on a quality spool
3.Made of high quality raw material ,no kinks or breaks.
4.Our vacuum sealed packaging guarantees you to experience the best performance by isolating moisturized environment to the filaments.
5.Compatible with various brands of 3D printer in the market, Makerbot,Ultimaker,Prusa i3, Reprap,ROBO ect.
Multi-color PLA
Density: 1.24-1.25g/cm³

Tensile strength:17-18g (25UM ASTM D1992)

Elongation at break:4.6-5.3%
Flexural Strength: 230-240Kg/cm³(ASTM D790/ISO 178)
Vicat softening temperature(VST): 60-61℃
Melting Index:5-8g/10min (Testing Condition:200℃/5kg)
Melting Point:178℃

Recommended Nozzle Temperature: 190°C- 210°C

TIPS: Try to print a 3D Model with BIG enough SIZE, so ALL the Random 7 Kind Colors (in one Roll) can be achieved in your 3D Model.
Each model you print is different and exclusive,you will delight when finish printing. 🙂
Our filament is proven to maintain smooth and consistent printing experience that achieves best printing result.
Might be another better choice for your 3D printing!
Grab my hands, do not hesitate , Let us have fun together in 3D WORLD

Product Features

  • 0.3KG /Spool, 1.75mm ,Gradient 3D Printing PLA Filament
  • ach roll has 7-12 random colors,no oily residue, no air bubbles
  • Easy to print out the colorful model by your single nozzle printer. Not need to change the double nozzles printer any more.
  • No need to refill different color filament Rolls into printer by hand,Multicolor 3D Model can be achieved with ONLY one Roll Filament.
  • A monofilament multicolor filament,can give 3D Model smooth gradient effect between colors.

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Eurocel Blue Masking Tape – Great for 3D Printing, 1.97-Inch by 55-Yard (1 Roll)

Blue Masking Tape – Ideal for 3D Printing. PLA print adhesion to this tape is superb, yet you’ll be able to remove the print with minimal effort. Each roll of Eurocel Masking Tape contains 50 meters (55 yards) of blue UV resistant waterproof paper backed with and acrylic water based adhesive. A heated bed is not required when printing on this tape. Sicad Group has been creating adhesive tapes for over 40 years and their products are well known all across Europe, especially in the automotive industry.

Product Features

  • Best In Class for 3D Printing
  • Good Adhesion Level
  • Easy Removal without Adhesive Residue
  • UV and Weather Resistant
  • Removable Without Breaking

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3D PEN FILAMENT REFILLS – ABS 1.75mm Filament *313 Linear Feet* PACK 16 Different Colors Including 4 Glow In The Dark Colors and Free Heat Proof Silicone Workmat Included! Over 19 Feet Per Roll!

16 Colors INCLUDING 4 GLOW IN THE DARK! MASSIVE 19 foot rolls for a total of 313 feet! That’s a lot of filament! PLUS FREE Silicone Heat Proof Work mat (generous 15.5″ x 11.5″ work surface!) No more damaged furniture from hot filament. Your pack of plastic 3D pen filament includes these 16 vibrant fun refill colors: 1. black 2. white 3. blue 4. green 5. orange 6. purple 7. yellow 8. red 9. pink 10. brown 11. grey 12. transparent + 4 rolls of GLOW IN THE DARK! (THAT’S 78 FEET OF GLOW IN THE DARK FUN BY THE WAY!): 1. Glow In the dark red 2. Glow In the dark green 3. Glow In the dark yellow 4. Glow In the dark blue -TOP QUALITY ABS FILAMENT: We only use the highest quality filament with a dimensional accuracy of +/-0.05 (Note: Not for 3D Doodler pen.) 100% LIFETIME GUARANTEED SATISFACTION! Here at 3D Craft we are committed to supplying the 3D pen & 3D printing community with only the highest quality 3D printing filament & supplies. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase you can return it for a full refund. SO CLICK “ADD TO CART” now to enjoy 3D Craft’s higher QUALITY & QUANTITY 3D pen filament fun pack. You have nothing to lose & ALL THE FUN to gain!

Product Features

  • 16 Vibrant Colors with 4 GLOW IN THE DARK! Colors: 1. black 2. white 3. blue 4. green 5. orange 6. purple 7. yellow 8. red 9. pink 10. brown 11. grey 12. transparent + 4 rolls of GLOW IN THE DARK! 1. red 2. green 3. yellow 4. blue
  • HUGE 19 feet strands! That’s 313 feet of prime filament in a whole pack for hours of fun!
  • 1.75mm ABS Premium quality filament: tolerance of +/-0.05mm
  • Handy reusable twist ties. No mess of untangling filament rolls.
  • FREE large heat proof SILICONE WORKMAT! (15.5″ X 11.5″)

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