Amagabeli 6 inch Carbon Filter Odor Control 6 in Air Scrubber with Australia Virgin Coconut Activated Charcoal for Hydroponics Indoor Plants Grow Tent Room for 6” Inline Fan Combo Pre-filter Included

Exceptional Odor Control: Amagabeli Air Flow Carbon Fliter can effectively eliminate odors, filter particulates and purify the air to provide both you and your plants with clean and fresh environment.

Professional Grade: Amagabeli filter contains very special virgin carbons that come from some of the oldest, most pressurized sources on earth which have exceptional odor control and make air fresh.

Simple Setup: Easy install with a simple plug-and-play feature that will keep you free from any unnecessary mess or hassle.

Environment Friendly: Not only will you keep your space smelling clean and fresh, but Amagabeli’s carbon filters also eliminate additional harmful and potentially ill-fating chemicals from the air you breathe.

Product Features

  • Absorbent Carbon Filter: 6 inch carbon filter, 1050+ IAV Australian virgin charcoal bed, machine packed carbon enables 99.8% filtered air flow. Inner and outer mesh provides 55% open area allowing increased air flow
  • Air Scrubber: This 6 inch carbon filter for grow tents is made of aluminum that is much more portable and handy, lasts long from plants germination, sexing, flowering and harvest. Includes washable pre-filter, easily mount the filter with elastic band
  • Odor Control: Air purifier to eliminate odor, pungent smell and particulates from indoor grow tent, hydroponics grow room, smoking room, living room, bathroom, kitchen, drying rooms, pet house, welding workshop, 3D printer etc. Perfect for tomato plants, pepper, vegetable lettuce, cilantro, cigarettes smell plant, herbal cannabis, medical marijuana, herbs
  • Fresh Air Combo: This 6in carbon filter for inline exhaust fan matches with 6 inch inline fans, can fans, duct fans, intake fans, exhaust fans, air exchange fans, ventilation duct, air ducts, paint fumes hose, vent duct hoses, fan speed controller and other ventilation system accessories
  • Reversible Smell Filtration: This 6 inch charcoal air filter can be used as both Intake Filter and Exhaust Filter. After a period of time use as an intake filter, go on using it as an exhaust filter. Moving air, purifying air and filtering air

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Full Metal Garden Hose Nozzle MrPro Hand Spray Nozzle – Heavy Duty 8-in-1 Pattern Pistol Grip Front Trigger Water Nozzle with Connector, High Pressure for Watering Plants, Car Wash and Showering Pets

Mr.Pro Garden Hose Nozzle with comfort grip handle is perfect for individual garden and yard watering
needs. The 8 selectable water patterns offer a wide variety of options for other projects
around the house, such as car washing, clean, water lawn, garden, plants, shower dogs pets etc.

Why choose our awesome hose nozzle
Are you sick of having to repeatedly buy Hose Spray Nozzles that crack when you drop them,
or feel like they may break if you squeeze them too hard?
Do your hands feel strained when you’re watering the garden for prolonged periods of time?
These are just a few of the issues you probably face with poorly designed, rear trigger Spray Nozzles.
If you’re dealing with these issues then you need to seriously consider the Mr.Pro Premium Spray Nozzle.

No leak at all -Trouble Free Watering
Insulated with rubber washers to prevent leakage

Multifunctional working mode -meeting Every Watering Need
8 pattern spray settings including: CONE, JET, CENTER, MIST, SHOWER, RINSE, FLAT, SOAKER

Water flow control knob – High to Low – A Must Have Feature
You can control water stream easily by turning the knob on the nozzle

Soft Rubber Comfortable Pistol Grip -Easy to operate and your Hand Won’t Tire
Slip-resistant and ergonomic design comforts your hand

Package including
1 X Spray Nozzle
1 X Changeable Fitting Size Connector
1 X Hose Repair Connector with Quick Connect

Every product includes a 60 days money back & 18-month worry-free guarantee!

Get to know us
We created Mr.Pro with a single goal in mind: to make the smart life easier.
That means starting with affordable, high-quality gear and ending with a commitment
to 100% user satisfaction. Because, we’re also customers.

Product Features

  • Trigger 8 Watering Patterns:Garden hose nozzle in different types of watering range from fine MIST, SHOWER, RINSE, FLAT, SOAKER, CONE, and CENTRE to pointed JET spray. The nozzle is clearly marked and easily triggered settings to your needs.
  • Water Pressure Adjuster: rotating the button on this garden hose nozzle to control the flow of stream and flexibly adjusting the pressure for each of the 8 spray patterns. Don’t worry high pressure water hurt your baby plants/flowers. Washing cars, cleaning gardens/pools or showering your pets in your right type of stream!
  • Durable Aluminum Body: the solid construction has heavy and sturdy feel. It’s easy to install onto your garden hose and the perfect washer. The 2 connectors will come with the spray nozzle package together.
  • Ergonomic Grip Design:Soft rubber coating makes nozzle slip-resistance and grip the handle comfortable. Hand free clip is designed for long time spray.
  • Changeable Fitting Size: a plastic external thread plastic connector is available to change from standard 3/4 in. fitting size to 1/4 in. fitting size. It’s easy to install and be suitable for more taps

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