Wangdd22 3D Printer Accessories 4pcs/lot 38 Tooth Mold Steel Linear Extruder Filament Drive Gear for Planetary Gear Extruder


Inner diameter: 5mm
Outer diameter: 10.8mm
Height: 12mm
Teeth: 38 teeth

Mounting holes: M3

Shipping list:
4pcs 38 Tooth Mold Steel Linear

Product Features

  • 100%brand and new
  • CNC wire cutting.
  • Durable wear resistant.
  • Mold steel gear is a high-quality gear that have better effect than the brass ones.

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5:1 Planetary Gearbox Nema 14 Stepper Motor Telescope Camera Robotics DIY CNC

This high precision NEMA 14 Stepper motor has an integrated Planetary gearbox with a 5.18:1 gear ratio, the resolution reach 0.35 deg. step angle.

It’s a good solution in applications that need very low rotation speeds and/or lots of torque.

Electrical Specification:

* Manufacturer Part Number: 14HS13-0804S-PG5

* Motor Type: Bipolar Stepper

* Step Angle: 0.35 deg.

* Holding Torque: 83.9Ncm

* Rated Current/phase: 0.8A

* Phase Resistance: 6.8ohms

* Inductance: 10mH+/-20%(1KHz)

Gearbox Specifications:

* Gearbox Type: Planetary

* Gear Ratio: 5.18:1

* Efficiency: 90%

* Backlash at No-load: <=1 deg.

* Max.Permissible Torque: 2Nm(283oz-in)

* Moment Permissible Torque: 4Nm(566oz-in)

* Shaft Maximum Axial Load: 50N

* Shaft Maximum Radial Load: 100N

Physical Specifications:

* Frame Size: 35 x 35mm

* Motor Length: 34mm

* Gearbox Length: 28.2mm

* Shaft Diameter: 6mm

* Shaft Length: 18mm

* D-cut Length: 12mm

* Number of Leads: 4

* Lead Length: 300mm

* Weight: 290g


Red(A+), Green(A-), Yellow(B+), Blue(B-)


Make sure the motor connect to a constant current or chopper drive controller before you test motor.

Connecting the motor directly to a power supply will destroy the motor.

Product Features

  • Good Torque Good Speed
  • 0.35 deg. Step Angle
  • NEMA 14 bipolar 4-wire
  • Planetary Gearbox Ratio 5.18:1
  • Rated current 0.8A & resistance 6.8ohms

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Geared Stepper Motor 8mm Shaft Kysan 5.2:1 Planetary 3D Printer RepRap Kossel Prusa Nema 17

Geared Stepper Motor Kysan 5.2:1 Planetary 3D Printer RepRap Kossel Prusa Nema 17

Product Features

  • 42 mm, Gear Ratio: 5.2:1, 20 mm long, 8 mm Shaft with D Cut, Step Angle: 1.8°
  • 1830 mm Wire Connector
  • Rated Voltage: 2.6V, Rated Current: 1A
  • 2 Phase, Inductance per Phase: 3.2mH, Resistance per Phase 2.6 Ohms
  • Holding Torque:, Class B Insulation

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