7TECH 3D Printer Pen Newest and Professional with LCD Screen light Blue Free Filament Included


√7TECH 3D PEN was featured as “The Best 3D Printing Pen ” in popular science on July/August 2016 Issue

√3D pen is a great tool for anyone interested in 3D creation – from the newbie to expert, The only limitation of 3D drawing is your imagination

The 7TECH 3D Printing Pen Package includes following:
√ 1x Blue 3D Printing Pen
√ 1x 110-240V USA Power Adapter
√ 3x 1.75mm ABS Filament with random colors, 10 gram per loop
√ 1x Operation instruction manual
√ 1x Spatula to protect your finger from hot nozzle

Product Features:

>Heating temperature: 160 to 230 degree adjustable
>With advanced thermal control, filaments jamming detection, and super silence design
> The slender pen body suits hands use
> The speed can be changed by single finger
> Plastic heats up and then cools to a solid shape
> A wonderful gift for creative children and adults


> Nozzle diameter: 0.7mm
> Adapter Current: 110V – 240V 3A
> Power input: 12V 3A
> Pen Size: 184mm * 31mm * 46mm
> Weight: 65gNotice:

Buy authentic 3D Pen in 7TECH MALL to enjoy one year premium assurance. Fraud pen from other sellers are not entitled to assurance; All 7TECH pen will gone thru strict QC and there will be testing filament inside pen body

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Product Features

  • ★ -reality-3d printing pen makes you watching your imagination come to life.
  • ★ -easy control-you can easily control extrusion speed, temperature, filament; most important thing is it is only 65g in weight compared others in heavy design.
  • ★ -safe-advanced unclogging mechanisms technology prevents jamming for easy maintenance.
  • ★ -mess free: non-toxic abs filaments allow you or your little ones to draw in the air. Filament immediately cools when it exits the pen, so the tip & filament won’t burn or start a fire if they forget to turn it off. And it won’t stick to clothes, furniture, carpet or hair.
  • ★ -top customer care-buy authentic 3d pen with confidence in 7tech mall, you are entitled to one year premium quality guarantee! Fraud pens from other sellers are not entitled to guarantee.

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3D Printing Pen Filament Sample Pack – 40 Colors – 800 Feet – Non-Toxic – 1.75mm PLA Filament – 20 Ft Per Color – 5 Glow in the Dark Colors Included

This is the LARGEST pack of Filament samples on Amazon today with over 800 feet of filament in 40 different colors to create amazing, vibrant 3D models with your 3D printer or 3D pen.

This filament is made 100% with PLA — environmentally safe and doesn’t smell like burning plastic when being used.

Use these samples to try different 3D Pen projects, 3D printing creations, or use them as fillers for larger existing builds.

ROHS certified and +/- 0.05mm dimensional accuracy guaranteed.

Colors Galore:

  1. Transparent / Clear
  2. Transparent Yellow
  3. Transparent Green
  4. Transparent Orange
  5. Transparent Purple
  6. Transparent Red
  7. Transparent Blue
  8. Transparent Grass Green
  9. Fluorescent Yellow
  10. Fluorescent Green
  11. Fluorescent Orange
  12. Fluorescent Red
  13. Fluorescent Blue
  14. White
  15. Dark Yellow
  16. Green
  17. Dark Green
  18. Orange
  19. Light Pink
  20. Pink
  21. Dark Pink
  22. Purple
  23. Dark Purple
  24. Red
  25. Aqua Blue
  26. Light Blue
  27. Blue
  28. Dark Blue
  29. Skin
  30. Gold
  31. Golden Yellow
  32. Coffee Brown
  33. Brown
  34. Silver
  35. Black
  36. Glow-in-the-dark Green
  37. Glow-in-the-dark Blue
  38. Glow-in-the-dark Yellow
  39. Glow-in-the-dark Orange
  40. Glow-in-the-dark Red

Heating Recommendations

Bed temperature: 60-80 Celsius / 140-176 Fahrenheit

Nozzle temperature: 200-240 Celsius / 392-464 Fahrenheit

Product Features

  • Let your imagination run wild with 40 unique, vibrant, translucent and solid colors in 20 feet lengths per color
  • Get your print on with 800 total feet of filament — the largest sample 3D filament sample pack available today
  • Perfect for 3d printing pens and 3d printers alike — whether you’re into prototyping, cosplay, or simply want to print the rainbow, our sample pack lets you unleash all the creativity of your imagination
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – HIGH QUALITY – No bubbles, +/- 0.05mm accuracy and ROHS certified
  • Make all of your spooky, extraterrestrial and otherwise zany prints come to life with 5 Glow in the dark colors – Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange and Red

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FilaTek 3D Printing Pen, With LCD Screen, 3 PLA Colors and AC Adapter Included, (PINK) – By FilaTek

Product Features

  • Brand: FilaTek- Kit includes 3D Pen, 3 colors of PLA plastic filament plus A/C adapter and User Manual
  • Sketch, print & doodle amazing three-dimensional masterpieces with this precision-crafted 3D Pen!
  • Adjustable feed lets you regulate speed & flow for optimal control of material while you’re drawing
  • Temperature is adjustable in 1 degree increments from 130 to 240 C, for optimal fine-tuning
  • Large LCD display lets you monitor temperature of material to help you achieve a wide variety of effects

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3D-Creator 3D Printing Filament Material- 1.75mm ABS Plastic Loops- 12 Colors Included- 10m of Each Color- 120m In Total- Toxic- Free 3D Printer Supplies- Bonus Included In The Pack!

Fill Your Life With Colors And Re-fill Your 3D Pen At The Same Time.

You simply can’t stop designing your favorite objects since that time you first held your 3D pen in your hands.

Because now you can express your figments of imagination in a different way- you can simply create whatever you have in mind.

But what happens when your 3D pen runs out of filaments? No more imagination, no more creation, no more expression…

Well, it’s not that tragic as it sounds! Because we can proudly present you our PL refill filaments for 3D pens- what else do you need?

Unlike others, 32.8 feet loops (393 feet in total) are provided for endless creations…

What’s Better Than A Risk-Free Product?

Nothing’s better than that. Especially when those 3D pens are used by little children.

Forget about toxic materials with a strong odor- now you can relax and keep creating without having a single care in this world.

Perfect for all 3D pens that feature a 1.75 mm design- stop worrying whether you’re making the right choice!

We’re pretty sure that you’ll keep designing non-stop straight after you’ll get those loops in your hands!

Bonus Gifts Included. Because We Care.

Let’s face it- there’s nothing better than bonus gifts that make our lives easier.

That’s why not only 10 colors are included (white, black, red, green, yellow, blue, violet, gray, pink and purple) but two more colors (green and blue) are inside the pack, which can be visible in the dark!

An extra e-book is included in order to get inspired: check the 50 stencil design we suggest you!

Keep Creating Without Limits. Express Yourself With Colors. Order Your 3D Pen Refill Filaments Today.

Product Features

  • THE LONGER THE FILAMENT, THE BETTER THE RESULT: Forget about refilling your 3D pens all the time- now you can get those 32.8 feet loops (393 feet in total) that are going to serve you for the years to come. Save your peace of mind once and forever and keep creating without any hassle!
  • FITS THEM ALL: Stop worrying whether these filaments are proper for your 3D pen- thanks to the 1.75 mm ABS design, these colorful filaments refills are going to fit all conventional 1.75 mm 3D pens and printers!
  • THE HIGHEST QUALITY THAT YOU DESERVE: Now you can keep creating without having a single care in this world, as this one-of-a-kind filament set features a safe ABS construction; the non-toxic and odor-free design is just what you need in order to let your little ones creating their favorite objects without worries.
  • BONUS GIFTS EXCLUSIVELY FOR YOU: Yes, you got it right- besides the multiple colors included (white, black, red, green, yellow, blue, violet, gray, pink and purple) two more glowing-in-the-dark colors are included in the pack (blue and green). Have you run out of ideas? Get our free e-book that includes 50 stencil ideas- what else do you need?
  • WE GUARANTEE YOUR SATISFACTION: We want our clients to be happy, so just in case you feel disappointed with your purchase, we guarantee to give your money back instantly, without any hassle. Providing the highest quality to all of you is our main priority and our number-one goal.

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