(2-Pack) 1 Mil Hi-Temp Kapton Tape; 2 Roll Set of Polyimide Film Tape for 3D Printing, Soldering, Insulating Circuit Boards & More! (1 Inch)

(2-Pack) 1 Mil Hi-Temp Kapton Tape; 2 Roll Set of Polyimide Film Tape for 3D Printing, Soldering, Insulating Circuit Boards & More!

Durable and easily conformable, our high temperature Kapton film tape is ideal for many home and commercial applications, and now sold in convenient 2-roll value packs!

Made of heat-resistant polyimide film and backed by silicone adhesive, our Kapton tape will leave you with clean precise lines and wraps that are easy to remove, with no gunky residue. Even at excessive temperatures!

Safe and RoHS compliant, our low static film tape can withstand temperatures from -452 to 752 degrees Fahrenheit, ideal for high-temperature powder-coating, automotive sensor and manifold work, etching, fiber optics cable wrapping and 3D printing. ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) plastic used in 3D printers adheres securely to Kapton tape for seamless, un-warped designs every time. Our temperature resistant tape is also fantastic for insulation and soldering – you can put the soldering iron on the tape and it won’t melt!

Whether you’re wrapping, coating, repairing, or insulating, our transparent Kapton tape is the ultimate tool. Sturdy but easily conformable, our tape is transparent for superior task visibility. Enjoy easy, perfectly placed applications every time.

Each roll contains 216 feet of polymide Kapton film tape. Now available in 1/2-inch, 1-inch, and 2-inch sizes. Each size is 1 mil thick, with a tensile strength of 33,500 psi. RoHS compliant.

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Product Features

  • ✓ CONVENIENT 2 PACK – High temperature Kapton tape now sold in value packs of 2 rolls; each roll contains 216 feet per roll.
  • ✓ HIGH TEMPERATURE POLYIMIDE FILM TAPE – Kapton tape is durable and capable of withstanding temperatures from -452 to 752 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • ✓ NO RESIDUE – Backed with silicone adhesive, our high temperature tape peels away cleanly, without residue.
  • ✓ TRANSPARENT – Transparency allows for project visibility, such as observation of circuit boards during processing, and makes perfect placement easy.
  • ✓ MULTI-PURPOSE APPLICATIONS – Strong, but easily conformable, our Kapton tape is ideal for a variety of home and commercial projects like 3D printing, soldering, high-temperature powder coating, etching, and more!

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‘Not Guilty,1857 By Abraham Solomon’ Oil Painting, 18×22 Inch / 46×57 Cm ,printed On Perfect Effect Canvas ,this Imitations Art DecorativeCanvas Prints Is Perfectly Suitalbe For Bathroom Decor And Home Decor And Gifts

Reproductions Canvas Print Without Frame ,Not Guilty,1857 By Abraham Solomon, is for Home Decoration, or Wall Art Decoration, Home Decor. There are fiber canvas, cotton canvas, or linen canvas. And it is also the best gift for your relatives, or girl friend and boy friend.

Product Features

  • This is a canvas print, named Not Guilty,1857 By Abraham Solomon.
  • The canvas print is Not Stretched and Not Framed.
  • The size is 18×22 inch / 46×57 cm. Your customized sizes are acceptable, please send me emails.
  • The canvas print is made of Perfect effect Canvas, and it will be Provide the best protection for your goods.
  • Every artwork is printed on artist-grade canvas with vivid colors and exceptional depth That is Just gallery art

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Gowoops 3D Printer Motherboard MKS MINI V1.2 RepRap + 2.8 Inch Full Color Touch Screen LCD MKS TFT28 V1.2

MKS MINI V1.2 Board User Manual: http://osoyoo.com/2016/09/21/mks-mini-v1-2-3d-printer-board-circuit-connection-graph-and-firmware-installation-guide/

MKS-TFT28 Touch Screen User Manual: http://osoyoo.com/2016/07/25/mks-tft-2-8-touch-screen/

1) Do not plug or unplug and wire or module when power is on, do not even touch the board when power is on or your hand has static charge(you can remove static charge by touching metal tap) .
2) Always double check power wire is properly installed. If you do not follow above move, you can damage the control board and your 3D printer.

MKS MINI V1.2 printing integrated mainboard:

MKS MINI is a feature all-in-one electronics solution for Reprap and other CNC devices.
It features an onboard ATmega2560.
It’s four motor outputs are powered by DRV8825 stepper drivers.
The board can use the same firmware as Ramps1.4.
The mounting hole locations is the same as Arduino Mega2560.
The power supply with 7805, more stable and reliable than the 1117, but only supports 12V.USB to serial modules is 16U2, the same as Arduino Mega2560.Without hot bed heating output, but has bed thermal interface and bed control signal interface.

MKS-MINI is suitable for One-Extruder and no bed printing.

LCD Full Color Touch Screen MKS TFT28 V1.2
Set the Boot
1) Must: After the first boot into -> Settings -> connection, select the firmware used by the baud rate, it can be used.
2) You must: Go to -> Settings -> type, select the printer type, only Delta and the other two options.
3) Optional: You can enter -> Settings -> touch screen calibration, improve the accuracy of the touch screen.

Package Included:
1 x 2.8 Inch Full Color Touch Screen MKS TFT28 V1.1 For 3D Printer
1x MKS MINI V1.2 Board

Product Features

  • MKS MINI V1.2 Board: Arduino MEGA compatible Atmega2560 processors are compatible with all RAMPS class firmware. Easy DISPLAY + SD-CARD connector, RepRapDiscount. SmartController compatible pin header on board. Firmware can use the same configuration as ramps1.4.
  • MKS MINI V1.2 Board: 2x temperature ADC connectors for thermistors, up to 4 motor driver with DRV8825. 2x PWM capable power mosfet outputs with voltage selector for MainPower.(Extruder0,Fans). 6x end stop connectors with power supply Xmin/Xmax/Ymin/Ymax/Zmin/Zmax. 4 layers PCB, optimize heat dissipation. Recoverable fuse for short-circuit protection.
  • MKS-TFT28 is an independent color touch product suitable for the use of open source 3D printers, support U disk and SD card. The main control program without need modification, plug and play, support Marlin, Repetier, Smoothieware firmware.
  • MKS-TFT28 support power failure renew,power failure preservation. The main control program without need modification, plug and pla. Can increase the custom function button. Provide continuous software upgrade, upgrade method is simple.
  • MKS-TFT28 can be used on Ramps1.4 and MKS Base , MKS Gen , MKS Mini and a series of motherboard. Boot logo and all buttons, such as interface can be designed by ourselves.

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4 Inch Carbon Filter Air Scrubber Odor Control Air Purifier Activated charcoal Filter Carbon Scrubber with Pre-filter for Inline Fan IAV Hydroponics Greenhouse Indoor Gardening Grow Tent Ventilation

Exceptional Odor Control: Amagabeli 190 CFM Air Flow Carbon Fliter can effectively eliminate odors, filter particulates and purify the air to provide both you and your plants with clean and fresh environment.

Professional Grade: Amagabeli filter contains very special virgin carbons that come from some of the oldest, most pressurized sources on earth which have exceptional odor control and make air fresh.

Simple Setup: Easy install with a simple plug-and-play feature that will keep you free from any unnecessary mess or hassle.

Environment Friendly: Not only will you keep your space smelling clean and fresh, but Amagabeli’s carbon filters also eliminate additional harmful and potentially ill-fating chemicals from the air you breathe.

Product Features

  • EXTENSIVE APPLICATION: this air carbon filter measures 7″ x 11.8″ with 4″ hubbed flange; can be used to eliminate odor, pungent smell and particulates from indoor grow tent, grow room, smoking room, bathroom, kitchen, drying rooms, pet house, welding workshop, 3D printer etc; matches with inline fans, can fans, duct fans, intake fans, exhaust fans, air exchange fans, ventilation duct, air ducts, vent duct hoses, fan speed controller and other ventilation equipment.
  • EXTRAORDINARY AIR FLOW: 1050+ IAV 190 CFM, machine packed Australia virgin charcoal, this guarantees both compact carbon packing and effective air flowing; inner and outer mesh chamber provides 55% open area allowing increased air flow.
  • DURABILITY & LONGER SERVICE SPAN: including washable PRE-FILTERS, which can be easily mounted around the filter with velcro seam, to extend the life of charcoal filter; made of galvanized steel that is much more durable than aluminum.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE: this activated carbon filter can remove 99.8% of volatiles, foul odors and air particulates; breathable clean air to promote better health.
  • TIPS: this charcoal air filter can be used as both Intake Filter and Exhaust Filter. For instance, after a period of time use as an intake filter, then go on using it as an exhaust filter, this method will extend your carbon filter’s service life(see also picture).

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