3D Effect Hot Motorcycle Girl Wall Decal – High resolution Print Removable/DIY Wall Stickers for Wall and Ceiling Home Decor

High Quality Hot Motorcycle Girl Shipped from Thailand!!

Product Features

  • Best Quality from STICKY DUDE!
  • Other Vendor are copy and Bad quality
  • 3D Wall Decal – 35″ long
  • Shipped from Thailand AND FREE Shipping
  • High Quality Mimaki ink printed Mimaki Printer

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‘Not Guilty,1857 By Abraham Solomon’ Oil Painting, 18×22 Inch / 46×57 Cm ,printed On Perfect Effect Canvas ,this Imitations Art DecorativeCanvas Prints Is Perfectly Suitalbe For Bathroom Decor And Home Decor And Gifts

Reproductions Canvas Print Without Frame ,Not Guilty,1857 By Abraham Solomon, is for Home Decoration, or Wall Art Decoration, Home Decor. There are fiber canvas, cotton canvas, or linen canvas. And it is also the best gift for your relatives, or girl friend and boy friend.

Product Features

  • This is a canvas print, named Not Guilty,1857 By Abraham Solomon.
  • The canvas print is Not Stretched and Not Framed.
  • The size is 18×22 inch / 46×57 cm. Your customized sizes are acceptable, please send me emails.
  • The canvas print is made of Perfect effect Canvas, and it will be Provide the best protection for your goods.
  • Every artwork is printed on artist-grade canvas with vivid colors and exceptional depth That is Just gallery art

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1 Pack – 10ft High Performance Premium Power Supply Cable NEMA5-15P to IEC C13 – Universal Connection Supports Home & Office Computers, Gaming Computers, Servers, Monitors, Scanners and Printers

From Kable King, Leading Computer Power Cable Supplier
• Safe and fast power supply with advanced technology
• 1000’s of happy users

Computer Power Supply Cable
Offering the best and easiest Power Cable connection to desktop computers, LED-lit Monitors, powered speakers, ceiling mounted projectors, HDTVs, laser printers and more, providing a fast and secure connection. Allows you to connect electronical items to a standard 3 pronged 120V AC outlet receptacle using a female to male connection points..

Better, Faster
High quality nickel plated connection points and premium quality copper supports fast power transfer speed.

Smart Solution for Home and Business Desktop
Plug & play design makes it easy to set up, simply connect at each end and you’re good to go!

Superior Power Transfer with Superior Materials
Made from high quality materials, which offer the best speed and protection for the cable. The flexible jacket makes it easy to install, even in very space restricted areas like tight corners.

Unrivaled Durability
Designed with high quality copper, providing maximum durability, withstanding even extreme circumstances, like bending, stretching and twisting. Nickel plated connection points are shielding the Power cable against corrosion to minimize interferences for perfect signal.

• Color: Black
• Length: 10 Feet
• Connector 1: NEMA5-15P Power Supply Male
• Connector 2: IEC C13 Power Supply Female
• Cable Rating: Rated for 13 amps and up to 300 volts to support common 10 amp/125 volt power requirements.

Package Content
1 Pack – 10ft NEMA5-15P Power Supply Male to IEC C13 Power Supply Female Cable in Black<br

Product Features

  • AC POWER CORD REPLACEMENT: 1 x NEMA 5-15P to IEC C13 10ft power cable in black, used for most models of desktop computers, LED-lit monitors, powered speakers, ceiling mounted projectors, HDTVs, laser printers and more. Allows you to connect electronical items to a standard 3 pronged 120V AC outlet receptacle using a female to male connection points.
  • 16 AWG GAUGE: Rated for 13 amps and up to 300 volts to support common 10 amp/125 volt power requirements; Heavier gauge but flexible cable is safer and more reliable than 18 AWG AC cable that come with your equipment or are sold as replacement cables
  • SAFETY FIRST: Standard NEMA 15-5-P grounded power plug and 3 pin shrouded female IEC-320-C13 connector; SJT cable type is 13A/300V rated
  • REPLACEMENT OPTIONS: Replace your overused or misplaced power cable, or just manage your power more efficiently. This handy cable features a male 3-prong plug which splits to one female NEMA 5-15R shroud, and one female IEC320C13 shroud
  • MONEY SAVING OPTIONS: Best prices available, beating official cables while at the same level of quality. Various bundles available in order to provide customers with the greatest value and quality possible.

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Emiratis should look closer to home for hospital treatment, 3D printing surgeon says

ABU DHABI // Surgeon John Devine cannot understand why Emiratis are still choosing to travel overseas for surgery, given the level of expertise and technology available here.

Dr Devine recently used 3-D printing technology to rebuild the jaw of a young woman who had a tumour.

The maxillofacial, head and neck surgeon at Seha’s Mafraq Hospital has performed only five such operations because most patients opt to go abroad for treatment.

“I don’t know why,” Dr Devine says. “The standard of the unit here is as high as anywhere in the world. Everything can be done here in the UAE. We have the latest technology and the best expertise.

“We can honestly say we have the best standards, whether it is post-operative care or intensive care or nursing.”

His latest patient, Nouf, had to have the right side of her jaw removed. He rebuilt it using the most advanced technology available.

Mafraq is the only hospital in Abu Dhabi to use 3-D printing, which it has applied to reconstructive surgery for more than two years.

Bone was taken from Nouf’s leg, broken and then rebuilt for her jaw, with a 3-D print used for the specifications.

“When you have a tumour that was removed from the face or neck, you have to rebuild primarily for function and quality and appearance,” Dr Devine says.

Nouf’s father says he did not consider taking his daughter, one of his eight children, overseas for the operation.

“When they told me that my daughter had a large tumour and they had to remove her jaw, we were shocked,” he says.

“Every Emirati’s first thought is to travel for treatment. All my friends and family told me to take Nouf abroad.

“But I asked doctors and they told me that Dr John was an expert and one of the best surgeons in the world, so why do I need to go abroad if the best doctor is here?

“I’ll listen to doctors when it comes to treatment options, not to family and friends.

“A part of treatment, I believe, is psychological. When Nouf was in the hospital, her mother and her entire family was by her side. Her friends came and we were all around her.

“When you are abroad, you have one or two people at the most, you don’t know the culture or language and are alone. It’s very depressing and lonely.

“Our country has offered us everything and yet we insist on going abroad. It’s unnecessary and a waste of money.”

Nouf, 20, was released from hospital last week and is ready to resume her studies.

“My friends came to visit me in the hospital and didn’t know the difference,” she says. “They didn’t know which was my real jaw and which was my fake jaw.”