Creozone 3D Printing Build Surface 3D Printer Plate for heatbed heated bed; 8″ x 8″ Square; Black (Pack of 3)

“Creozone 3D Printing Build Surface provide a 3D printing build surface that no need tape, slurry, or adhesive.ABS、PLA(or many other materials)stick well on this build surface. The Printed 3D parts will adhere to this surface and you can take it away after cool down. HOW TO USE: There are 2 methods to attaching the build surface on heatbed: 1. clamp the build surface to the print bed using binder clips(at least 3 clips) 2. Torn off 3M tape on back and stick it on heatbed.”

Product Features

  • Long-lasting construction allows Multiple use
  • Compatible with ABS, PLA, wood(or many other materials) filaments (sold separately); Allow to print surface no need additional adhesives or tape
  • Build sheet adheres to a print bed(heatbed) to help the filament stick during printing and easy clean removal of the printed part afterward
  • “Single sheet design(0.8mm )with fewer bubbles than tape or films and installs more quickly on top of existing build platform “
  • For use with FDM 3D printers (sold separately)

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Heatbed Thermal Insulator 300×300

The Heatbed Thermal Insulator 300 is a great way to speed up your heatup time for your heatbed. It fits a heatbed of 200 x 300mm. Fit the gasket firmly under the heatbed for good thermal insulation. We recommend using spray glue. The distance between mounting holes are 209mm and 309mm. Material: Cork Thickness: 2mm Dimension: 214 x 314mm

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RepRap Champion MK2B PCB HeatBed Heat Bed RepRap 3D Printers pre-wired for 12V SMT LED soldered

MK2B comes with pre-soldered SMT LEDs and wiring. PCB pre-wired for 12V power.


Outer Dimensions: 214mm (8 7/16 in) x 214mm (8 7/16 in)
Dimensions between holes: 209 x 209mm
Laminate FR4 1.6+-0.15mm
2 Layer, 35µm Copper
White Soldermask – Both Side
Black Silkscreen – Both Side
Power Input: 12V/24V DC
Copper Plated Holes
Wiring length: 700mm

Package contents:

1 x MK2B PCB Heated Bed pre-wired for 12V power.

Product Features

  • Popular MK2B 200x200mm dual power heated bed design
  • Compatible with most Prusa i3 variations, Mendel, Mendelmax and plenty of other 3D printers
  • Power rating is 120 Watt under 12V
  • Power wiring is included in the kit, length of wires 0.7 meter

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Wisamic 3D Printer Heating Controller MKS MOSFET for Heatbed Extruder MOS Module Exceed 30A Support Big Current

Function: control hot bed, print head heating
Power Supply: 12V-24V
Weight: 127g

How to use?
1. Connect power to power source, please note the anode and cathode.
2. Connect hotbed to heated wire , please note the anode and cathode.
3. Connect digital control signal to Gnd,D8.
4. Connect the control signal of Ramps1.4 or MKS MOSFET to -Bed+
5. Choose one signal group to connect.

Package content:
1 x MOS module

-It can only choose 3 OR 4 signal group .
-Pay attention to polarity.

Product Features

  • Extra large heat sink, the maximum current can be up to 30A or more.
  • Superior performance of MOSFET (Max 280A).
  • Can use hot bed output signal of Ramp1.4 and MKS series to control.
  • Can use digital signal of 5-24v to control.
  • Functional test has been conducted on each unit.

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