3D Printing Pen 2nd Generation with LCD Screen, 4 Random Filaments, Spatula, Silicone Mat, Dock, Adapter, Keychain and Manual Summer Edition By Nextstors



2ND GENERATION – The best on the market today
LCD DISPLAY – View temperature & filament type
SINGLE FINGER USE – Regulate speed & flow of filament
TEMPERATURE RANGE – 160-230 adjustable degrees
SHUTS OFF – After 5 minutes of idling
INSTRUCTION MANUAL – Included in a box ready for gifting

4 Random FILAMENTS -over 9 feet each in random colors

Suitable for children over 8 years old with adult supervision.
Nib & nib area are extremely hot so do NOT TOUCH with hand or other items.
Unload the filament after use & turn off the power.
Store in a safe place, away from children.

Easily design & draw in 3D By 2Dream 3D PRINTING PEN SET.


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Product Features

  • ★ COMPREHENSIVE 3D PRINTING SET: This second-generation all-in-one 2Dream 3D PRINTING PEN SET is designed for sketching, printing, or doodling in 3-dimensions; each kit includes a yellow pen, 4 random colored filaments, spatula, silicone mat, docking station, keychain, power adapter, 3d pen in a gift box ready for giving to children 8 years or older and adults who like to draw dimensionally and be creative;
  • ★ EASY TO USE WITH MANY OPTIONS: Plug in your 2Dream 3D PRINTING PEN, feed the filament color you desire, and start writing, painting, or drawing art, crafts, and science or school projects; the LCD screen displays temperatures adjustable from 160 to 230 degrees for filament ; change speed by a single finger; it shuts off after 5 minutes of idling and comes with a 0.7mm diameter nozzle;
  • ★ SAFETY FIRST: FCC, CE, and RoHS certified, the 2Dream 3D PRINTING PEN SET has filament that is environmentally-friendly material made from renewable plant resources, so it does not create a pungent odor when uploading, and it is safer for kids and adults; this 3D pen is suitable for children over 8 years old with adult supervision; WARNING: Do NOT touch nib area while using as it is extremely hot and unload filament after use with the power off;
  • ★ ADDED BONUSES: Every 2Dream 3D PRINTING PET SET includes the writing pen with a spatula for shaping the heated filament, a silicone placemat for designing, a docking station when not writing, 4 random colored 1.75mm filament rolls (a total of over 36 feet), USA flag keychain Independence day, 110-240v power adapter, all come in a gift box with detailed instructions for the artist in your life;
  • ★ 30 DAY GUARANTEE: We strive to provide you with the highest quality product and the best customer experience possible; our 3-dimensional pen has a 30-day money-back guarantee; if you’re not satisfied, please let us know immediately; get your 2Dream 3D PRINTING PEN SET that comes with a pen, 4 random filaments, spatula, display mat, docking station, power adapter, keychain ; get creative 3-dimensionally on your next project.

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Ultimaker unveils next generation of open-source 3D printing

Ultimaker 3When Ultimaker, a manufacturer of open-source 3D printers headquartered in Amsterdam with an office in Boston, announced recently the global availability of the next generation of its 3D-printing product line, it promised professionals unprecedented freedom of design. Open-source 3D printing has become popular, particularly in the desktop printing market, according to John Kawola, U.S. President of Ultimaker.

In an interview with PlasticsToday, Kawola reviewed his more than 10-year career in the 3D-printing industry, starting at a time when prototyping with polymer materials represented 90% of the market. “What’s happened in the last five years is that the market has changed drastically,” said Kawola. “It has consolidated, and I was part of that consolidation. Also, we saw the introduction of desktop 3D printers as well as the rise of metal 3D-printing machines. Today, there’s more public awareness, and part of that is due to the [advent of] desktop printers selling at $5,000 and less. That’s where Ultimaker fits in.”

“What has happened in the desktop space in just the last couple of years is that a large portion of the growth of 3D printing is now in the desktop segment, from 275,000 units to over 400,000,” Kawola said. “The percentage being sold in the enterprise space was close to zero five years ago. Today it’s close to 50%. Parts are better, more materials are available, the machines are more reliable and the desktop printers are bumping up against the larger, more-expensive machines. For the price difference, more companies are looking at desktop 3D printers [rather than] the $50,000 stand-alone printers.”

Find out what’s new and what’s coming in 3D printing at the 3D Printing Summit at this year’s PLASTEC East event in New York City in June. Go to the PLASTEC East website to learn more about the event and to register to attend.

“Open source or open materials 3D printing is the idea that somebody has developed hardware and software but they don’t try to keep it secret or patent it; they open it up so that even the software codes are open,” explained Kawola. “The idea behind open source is that the greater community will make the products better and everyone can share in this.”

Ultimaker has embraced the concept of open source and offers software that is open to the greater community for anyone to use. “As a company, Ultimaker has had a net benefit from our open source product,” Kawola noted. “The product is better—we can improve the software at a much faster pace. We have been able to do many things much faster. But in reality, people copy you and compete with you. Is it a net benefit or net detriment? We still feel it’s a net benefit,” he added.

Materials is one area that has benefitted. Because it’s an open environment, the range of materials that have been developed and put on the market has grown very quickly, Kawola stated. “The big guys had closed systems and you had to buy their film or powder. By 2007 or 2008, 90% was Stratasys materials for Stratasys machines, which had attractive margins

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PACKGOUT 3D Pen, 3D Printing Pen with LCD Screen, 2nd Generation 3D Drawing Pen for Doodling, Art & Craft Making and Education, Comes w/ Free PLA Filament

PACKGOUT 2nd Generation 3D Printing Pen (Upgrade version of 1st generation 3D printing pen) is suitable for both kids and adults, it help children improve spatial thinking ability, and also could increase the chances of intimate contact between parents and kids, make the distance with their children much closer and make kids’ world much more colorful. The perfect present for kids!!

PACKGOUT 3D Printing Pen is suitable for using both 1.75mm ABS and PLA filament.
We recommend using PLA 3D Pen Filament Refills.

What is PLA?
PLA is a new type of environmentally friendly biodegradable materials made from renewable plant resources (such as corn) starch material. Unlike ABS filament, PLA filament will not create pungent odor when uploading into 3D pen and it is safer for kids using. For kids’ health, please select PLA 3D Pen Filament

Package Includes:
-1x Blue 2nd Generation 3D Printing Pen
-1x 110-240V Power Adapter
-3x 1.75mm ABS Filament with random colors, 10 gram per loop
-1x Operation instruction booklet
Numerous 3D pen drawing templates for download

30 days 100% satisfaction guaranteed with unconditional return, get a 12 months limited warranty and lifetime customer support. Add to cart now and try it.

DO NOT touch the nib during using it.
Please unload the filament after use and turn off the power.
DO NOT touch the nozzle before the 3D printing pen cooling.

Product Features

  • Great Present for Kids – 3D Pen for Kids lift their imagination off the page. The 3D printing pen extrudes heated plastic which instantly hardens, allowing you to literally draw in 3D, freehand or on paper. Change colors quickly and easily. The possibilities are endless
  • Easy to Hold in Hand – Pen-like design help you feel more comfortable and easier to hold the 3D printing pen. 3D Printer Pen is only 2.2 OZ, which is more lightweight than the old generation.
  • Fast Booting & Auto Shutdown – Fast booting in 30 seconds. Upload filament then start drawing. The 2nd generation 3D pen will automatically shut down when not using it for over 5 minutes.
  • Suit for Both ABS & PLA Filament – The 3D drawing pen is suitable for both 1.75mm ABS & PLA Filament. We recommend using 1.75mm PLA filament, which is more eco-friendly.
  • Free Filament & Template – This 3D Printer Pen comes with 30 grams PLA filament. We offer numerous free drawing templates for download. These templates can help you get used to the 3D pen.

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3D Printing Pen,The Fourth Generation 3d Art Pen for Doodling, Art & Craft Making, 3D Modeling and Education Comes with 1.75mm PLA Filament Refill (Crystal)

Product parameters
Material: plastic and Metals and ceramics
Product category: 3D printing pen
Purpose: design, DIY, gifts, toys
Length: 15.9 (CM)
Packing: 180 (L) * 100 (W) * 50 (H) mm
Net weight: 49G
generation:The fourth generation

Package Includes:
3D Printing Pen x 1
Power Adapter (AC100-240v input, DC12V/2A output) x 1
1.75mm PLA Filament with random colors(10 gram per loop) x 2
Operation instruction booklet x 1

Although we have fully considered the heat insulation in the product design But taking into account the safety first, we still have the following advise
Please don’t try to touch the nib during using it.
Please unload the filament after use and turn off the power.
Please don’t try to touch the nozzle before the 3D printing pen cooling

Product Features

  • The Combination of Technology and art:3D technology is one of the most important technologies in today and future,Using 3D printing pen as an educational tool for children in Technology and art is a very good choice.It is also a very good gift.
  • The Most advanced Fourth generation products:One touch operation,USB Power Interface,High heat resistance Ceramic material More improvements, only for the amazing experience
  • Safety first:The 3D drawing pen will automatically switch to standby mode in 5 minutes, when you rest in operation or forget to turn off the power, the heating ring will stop working. When restart, the product begin to heat up, to avoid the risk of forgetting turn off the power
  • No smelly 3D Pen Filament: We provide 3D Pen Filament PLA, PLA is biodegradable plastic, this material is made from biological decomposition, in the use of the time, the smell is like candy, no poison, not pungent.We suggest that you can check the difference between PLA and ABS on Google
  • 365days Years Warranty: Any questions, within 24 hours to reply,There is any wrong with our 3D Printing Pen, unconditional return within one year From the day you received the 3D Printing Pen.

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