3D Printers to Respond with Twice Efficiency and Speed

The calculation enables printers to convey amazing outcomes at a pace of around twice the speed than the ones in like manner use, without any additional equipment expenses. Among the difficulties in the present 3-D printers is, its vibrations due to its working. A printer’s mobile parts, especially in lightweight work area models, brings out vibrations that lessen the nature of the thing being created. Also, the speedier the machine moves, the more vibrations are made. To guarantee subtle elements are recreated precisely, the equipments are worked gradually. Also, the pace of 3-D printing is one of the components that has kept the innovation finding a more extensive group of onlookers.

“We’re simply sitting tight for the following development of the innovation,” CEO of XYZPrinting, Simon Shen, revealed to TechCrunch a year ago. “On the off chance that they can do it substantially speedier, more exact and simpler that will convey more individuals to 3-D printers. Moreover, not sitting tight for 4 to 6 hours for a print, however 40 to an hour.”

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In clarifying how his calculation functions, he utilizes the case of somebody endeavoring to convey a discourse in a substantial lobby. To achieve ears in the most remote lines, that speaker should yell.  Should somebody deliver a bull horn, and the speaker also keeps on yelling, their voice will be excessively increased and make the gathering of people squirm. Utilizing the amplifier in a typical voice, in any case, delivers the correct lucidity and volume.

Okwudire said his product can likewise be utilized on an assortment of mechanical review machines that experience the ill effects of comparable impediments because of vibrations. The diary Mechatronics as of late distributed the lab’s discoveries in an examination titled: “A constrained review sifted B-spline way to deal with following control – With application to vibration-initiated blunder pay of a 3-D printer.”

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Meta Byte enables enterprises to save on print cost and increase efficiency

Meta Byte enables enterprises to save on print cost and increase efficiency
Meta Byte Technologies forges a partnership with Y Soft to offer award winning print management solution to Middle Eastern enterprises

Dubai, UAE: Meta Byte Technologies, the next generation technology solution provider, today announced that it has forged a partnership with Y Soft, to offer award winning, world class print management solution, YSoft SafeQ. YSoft SafeQ enables enterprises to reduce costs, improve document security and enhance workflow productivity. In addition, YSoft SafeQ can contribute toward sustainability goals and minimize the environmental impact of printing.

Salil Dighe, CEO at Meta Byte Technologies, said, “It is very challenging to optimize the print environment and identify opportunities for reducing costs, especially when most of the organizations are unaware of their spending on print-related products and services or even how their printers are being utilized. With YSoft SafeQ, enterprises in the region can now easily monitor and manage their print environment, optimize printer usage and implement cost controls.”

The innovative software architecture strengthens the security, and the secure authentication that reduces the risks associated with documents abandoned in output trays or picked up by the wrong person. Users are identified and authenticated via an ID card, username/password, or PIN. Role-based access privileges, comprehensive reports, and a centralized, web-based dashboard streamline print system management.

Enterprises in the region can now generate consolidated and detailed reports per user, department and/or device to determine cost allocation, consumption, utilization and efficiency of their print environment. Pre-defined or custom reports can be easily accessed and displayed via the web or an MS excel document.

Print administrators also benefit from the web-based interface that makes it easy to manage the entire print network. The solution supports and has the ability to connect to work with almost any type of printer/MFP.

YSoft SafeQ also supports BYOD initiatives as today’s mobile worker is increasingly using their own devices in their work which includes the need to print documents from these devices. The Mobile Print module support printing documents from any smartphone, tablet and laptop. Specifically for mobile workers using Mac or iOS devices, the Mobile Print module includes YSoft Wireless Print which offers managed printing from these mobile devices.


About Meta Byte Technologies:
Meta Byte Technologies is next generation technology consulting company, offering best of the breed business and technology services to deliver world class solutions to its customers spread across various geographies.

Headquartered in Dubai Internet City, the hub of Technology in the Middle East, Meta Byte Technologies is led by set of professionals with decades of industry experience and is well equipped with market knowledge, technical skill-sets, innovative thinking, as well as dedicated support team in association with technology innovators to deliver value for its customers hailing from various parts of world. For further details please visit us at www.meta-byte.com

About Y Soft
Y Soft provides enterprise office solutions that help build a smarter business by improving office productivity and enabling employees to be more productive and creative. YSoft SafeQ, our enterprise print management and document capturing solution, reduces costs, improves document security and enhances workflow productivity. YSoft SafeQ’s full suite of modular on-premise or in the cloud solutions are deployed in large companies and SMB organizations around the world. YSoft be3D 3D printers provide a reliable, high quality, auto-calibrating solution that saves time, reduces prototyping costs and enhances 3D printing productivity.

Founded in 2000, the company is headquartered in Brno, Czech Republic, with worldwide offices in North and Latin America, Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and the Asian Pacific Region (APAC).

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Sanjeev Kant
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Email: sanjeev@vistarmea.com

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Ideazoo 3D printing bringing efficiency to everyone

Ideazoo 3D printingIdeazoo 3D printing
 Each and every day science is making huge strides forward in all types of areas. 3D printing is a process we hear about often and is growing bigger all the time. In Lafayette, one business has grown so much, it grew right out of the CEO’s home.  

Ideazoo’s plan was to turn ideas into realities. They take those ideas, put them on paper, scan them into a computer, and before you know it they are turned into real products using a 3D printer. 

“We’ve printed thousands of pieces so far,” CEO of Ideazoo Jacques Dugal said. 

Now up to nine 3D printers and a laser cutting machine, the products they create from different materials really have almost no limits. 

“An interior designer wanted a very specific type of handle for a home. So, we designed and made drawer pulls and cabinet knobs for the entire house,” Dugal said. 

They even have plants to take their products to the sea for recreational use. 

“One of our designers likes to surf and ride boards, so we’ll make one for him,” he said. 

The process of 3D printing creates efficiency. According to Ideazoo designer Chad Weaver, a months long process of tooling, all the way to making a mold piece costs thousands of dollars. 

“This allows me in 4 hours to design a joint, print it out, have a piece in hand, test it, structural everything. Go back edit it change it and go back and print a whole new part all within the same day for pennies on the dollar. It really allows rapid development of products and prototyping,” Weaver said. 

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Man Combines 3D Printing with a Robotic Arm to Increase Efficiency

arms1Technology! You have to love it, whether you are using your GPS to navigate through unfamiliar terrain, or if you are 3D printing a part for your car, that is no longer in production.  Without a doubt, technology makes our lives a lot more efficient (most of the time).

If you were to ask a futurist, what he/she thinks the two up-and-coming forms of technology are, there is a good chance that both 3D printing and robotics would be mentioned.

One man, named Florian Maurer has found a way to utilize both 3D printing and robotics in an attempt to make the process of using his 3D printer much more efficient. Maurer, backed a Kickstarter campaign back in March, for a miniature robotic arm, called the uArm. However, even before he found this robotic arm on Kickstarter, he had already begun coming up with plans for his idea.

As we know, if you were to walk into a modern day factory, you would probably see a plethora of robotic arms in action, on an assembly line. Factories utilize these types of robotics, in order to save on labor costs.  Robots can’t do everything that humans can do, but they can be programmed to do tedious, repetitive tasks.

Maurer took this idea, and decided to implement it in combination with his 3D printer. He was tired of how inefficient and time consuming the 3D printing process was, on the person overseeing the process. He was tired of having to perform tedious tasks that required him to check up on his 3D printer so frequently.

“Imagine setting up a 12 hour long print to run overnight, only to come back the next day and find it warped so much it’s lifted the blue tape from the platform,” said Maurer on his blog. “Unable to counter the physics of contracting plastics as they cool, you decide to split the model into smaller parts which offers you both faster print times per part (useful if errors occur) and less warping. However, now every several hours you have to come back to remove the print and start a new print. Not convenient at all. Well, no more! It’s the future now, and we have robots to help us.”

Maurer decided to utilize his uArm in order to make this process much more efficient. His original idea was to set up and program his robotic arm to load and unload queues of printing jobs on his printer, so that when he wasn’t around, he could continue to utilize his 3D printer to print more than one job. (see his uArm in action below)

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IO4n2VAmRII]

As you can see, it works quite efficiently in unloading one build plate, and loading the next. It utilizes a suction cup to attach itself to the glass build plates.  While this was a great first step in improving the 3D printing
process, Maurer’s 3D printer required more.

“My printer shipped with binder clips to clamp the glass platform to the heating bed. These binder clips need to be removed to swap out the glass platforms, but they each require a lot of force and dexterity,” explained Maurer.”

So he implemented a magnetic clamp system, in which the robotic arm simply drops the clamps onto the build plate.  The clamps attach themselves to the metal portion of the area surrounding the plate. Below you can see the robotic arm removing the magnetic clamp from Maurers 3D printer.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xWjg7n46620]

While this seems to be a solution for now, Maurer’s plans are not yet complete. He next hopes to print a matching magnetic mechanism for the other side of the build plate. After that? We shall see….

The combination of 3D printing and robotics defintely has a future together, not just in factories, but in homes as well. It probably isn’t very feasible to expect many people to have both 3D printers and robotic arms in their homes quite yet, however, in the next decade or so I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find this very common within homes.

What do you think? How could Maurer improve upon his idea? There are certainly other tasks that his robotic arm could be programmed to perform in the 3D printing process.  What could they be? Discuss in the ‘3D printing combined with robotics‘ thread on 3DPB.com


[Source: cuddleburrito via hackaday]

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