Additive Manufacturing of Metals: The Technology, Materials, Design and Production (Springer Series in Advanced Manufacturing)

This book offers a unique guide to the three-dimensional (3D) printing of metals. It covers various aspects of additive, subtractive, and joining processes used to form three-dimensional parts with applications ranging from prototyping to production.

 Examining a variety of manufacturing technologies and their ability to produce both prototypes and functional production-quality parts, the individual chapters address metal components and discuss some of the important research challenges associated with the use of these technologies.

 As well as exploring the latest technologies currently under development, the book features unique sections on electron beam melting technology, material lifting, and the importance this science has in the engineering context. Presenting unique real-life case studies from industry, this book is also the first to offer the perspective of engineers who work in the field of aerospace and transportation systems, and who design components and manufacturing networks. Written by the leading experts in this field at universities and in industry, it provides a comprehensive textbook for students and an invaluable guide for practitioners

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MachineWorks' Polygonica software new advanced automated hole filling features

Sheffield, UK, based MachineWorks has released a new hole filling tool as part of their Polygonica mesh editing software for 3D models.

Sometimes the shape of an object prevents the easy 3D scanning of its entire surface. In these cases the resultant 3D model will have holes. Filling these holes is an often time consuming process and when automated can yield imperfect results, smoothing over details that existed in the physical object, and producing an inaccurate 3D model.

Polygonica’s new hole filling algorithms use data in the original geometry of a scan, and should hopefully reduce the time needed to prepare a scan for 3D printing.

Polygonica's new hole filling feature. Image via MachineWorks.Polygonica’s new hole filling feature. Image via MachineWorks.

Advanced mesh repair features 

Multithreaded code has been implemented, granting performance improvements on multicore processors. New algorithms use existing scan data to improve the filling of large holes. Both improve the speed of hole filling.

Holes containing mesh fragments, “annular holes”, will be filled more effectively by algorithms matching features of the fragments to the hole. A new fill type applies features on one side of a hole and extends them across the hole. Polygonica say this is often more effective, and maintains more detail than simply finding a minimum area or smooth fill for the hole.

The advanced hole filling features together with Polygonica’s existing repair functions will help ensure models are watertight, free of badly oriented planes, self-intersections, and closer to being ready for 3D printing.

Larger holes processed, keeping detail. Image via PolygonicaLarger holes processed, whilst keeping detail with Polygonica. Image via Polygonica

Automated processing of 3D models

Polygonica’s automated processing of 3D models is a key feature of Stratasys’ GrabCAD Print software. Dr Fenqiang Lin, MachineWorks Managing Director, said “GrabCAD and Polygonica share the same philosophy of enabling a single ‘click-to-print’ methodology for 3D models. The user doesn’t want or need to know about what software is used to prepare the file, they just want their CAD model printed with the minimum of fuss.”

Less extensive automated hole filling options are also available with software like Artec Studio. Peel 3D’s $6,000 handheld 3D scanner uses proprietary software to automate hole filling and the smoothing of edges.

For more information about Polygonica’s capabilities and applications, you can read the 3D Printing Industry article about our visit to Polygonica.

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Featured image shows Larger holes processed, whilst keeping detail with Polygonica. Image via Polygonica.

Dobot Magician New Advanced Educational Version–3D Printer Laser Engraver For Maker, K12 STEM Education

Since Dobot Magician has so many functions, it could take some efforts to familiarize all the operations. We are here to help. No matter it is a hardware problem or a software problem, please contact us right away, I will help you figure it out step by step.

Controlling methods
Multiple controlling method, enjoy anytime
PC, phone, gesture, voice, even brainwave can be used to control Dobot Magician.

The handhold teaching feature lets you control a robotic arm without any limits.
The most intuitive interaction bringing the best of your efficiency.

End tool quick switch
End tool quick switch, it’s never been so smooth
With the standardized plug-in style end tool holder, you can switch end tools by simply screwing.
Dobot Studio,one big step of interaction
Integrated so many features, while making it easier to control a robotic arm.
A whole set of parameters for your customization. Calibrate your own robotic arm without any coding!

Draw like magic

Dobot Magician supports BMP, SVG and DXF
±0.2mm precision, laying perfect strokes
Powerful laser engraving, handling wood and leather with ease

Develop, and be ahead
Endless potential, fast deployment. Be ahead of the game

Rich extension ports
13 extension ports, 1 programmable key, 2MB offline command storage, endless possibilities for developers.

Visualized programming

Visualized programing interface, just pile up the blocks and there’s the code, the easiest way to learn coding.
Support major programing languages including C++, C#, Python and java, with API and pre-set modules integrated.

Part List:

Robot Arm
Vacuum pump Kit
Gripper Writing and Drawing Kit
3D Printing Kit
Bluetooth Module
Laser Engraving Kit
Wi-Fi Module
Joystick Control Kit

Product Features

  • All the Dobot Magicians have been tested in the US before we ship out. In case there is a technical problem due to the transportation, please contact us right away. I will assist you to solve all the technical problems step by step.
  • Most user-friendly robotic arm,Programmable, Thoughtful details integrated in simple design
  • Best Educational Tool for robotics, Servo Magazine did the test and featured it.
  • Since Dobot Magician has so many functions, it could take some efforts to familiarize all the operations. We are here to help. No matter it is hardware problem or software problem, please contact us right away, I will help you figure it out step by step.
  • Dobot Magician Won CES 2018 Innovation Award

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HE3D Open Source Ciclop DIY 3D systems Scanner Kit for 3D printer advanced laser scanner , Injection molding plastics parts

This Scanner is easy to scan:
1, object space volume is bigger than 5*5cm
2, object space volume is smaller than 20.3cm*20.3cm
3. object weight is less than 3kgs
4. still object
5. opaque object
FAQ: which things are hard to scan or can not scan ?
1.object space volume is smaller than 5*5cm
2.transparent oject (glass or organic plastics)
3.luminous object or highly reflective objects
4.dark object and fuzzy object(such as plush toys )
5.object space volume is bigger than 20.3*20.3cm
6.object weight is more than 3kgs
7.moving object

Product Features

  • Totally open source 3D scanner for 3D printing , free to get the software
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Full kits, it include all the parts for the scanner
  • Injection molding red plastics parts, not printed! that make the scanner more beatiful, you won’t encouter the problem caused by not precision size
  • Upgrade to new intergrated motherboard

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