8.385”x7.875”x0.22” (213mm X 200mm X 6mm) Borosilicate Heated Bed Glass Plate Works W/ RepRap, MK2, MK2A, Mendel 3D Printers

We offer thick Ultra flat, Ultra durable, borosilicate glass that is ideal for 3d printing, it allows for excellent adhesion of your projects allowing for great prints with excellent surface finishes. Our glass has excellent thermal conductivity keeping the build surface temperature uniform, ensuring the best adhesion possible that is equal across your print. This is ideal for use with ABS or PLA materials, as well as many exotics such as carbon fiber or TPU, just apply AquaNetTM hairspray by lightly spraying the sheet with 2 or more coats and your prints will be stuck to the glass. Either clamp the glass to your build platform or build a glass holder and you will be ready to start printing with your new Glass Plate!

Product Features

  • 3D Printer Glass Heating Bed
  • Works with ReRap, MK2, MK2A, Mendel
  • Borosilicate Glass Print Surface 213 x 200 mm x 6mm thick
  • Edges sanded
  • Rigid 6mm thickness Very flat will not warp

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