Nexa3D brings its high speed industrial-grade NXV SLA 3D Printer to CES 2018

Jan 10, 2018 | By Benedict

Just as it does every year, CES 2018 is proving to be a hotbed for exciting new 3D printer releases. We’ve already seen new products from companies like Airwolf 3D and Polaroid, and now Nexa3D—the present venture of former 3D Systems CEO Avi Reichental—is demonstrating its NXV professional SLA 3D printer. Priced at $19,950 per system, the NXV SLA 3D printer is capable of printing 30 micron XY resolutions.

The NXV is equipped with cognitive software and integrated sensors, both of which optimize manufacturing part performance, and provides detailed diagnostics and continuous monitoring. It uses deep machine learning algorithms to slice, optimize, and adaptively compile complex geometries at uniform speed and high resolution, allowing users to print the right parts in the right way via the most cost-effective and time-saving route.

According to the company, the NXV 3D printer is easy to operate across different situations too, as it is configured to run using both on-board and cloud controls for in-situ and remote operations — of either a single printer, or a full factory of printers. Putting multiple NXVs together enables the mass production of customized parts.

As future 3D printers in the Nexa3D range will be, the NXV is powered by the company’s proprietary Lubricant Sublayer Photo-curing (LSPc) technology and patented structured light matrix, which is capable of reaching top speeds of 1 cm per minute. This phenomenal speed cuts the time needed for the 3D printing of precision functional parts from hours to minutes, making 3D printing a viable challenger to injection molding.

“3D printing is an unstoppable force of change in every industry and within it, high-speed 3D printing is the next frontier in additive manufacturing and one that is highly valued by end-users, strategic partners, resellers, and investors alike,” commented Reichental. “After several years of bootstrapping through the early stages of proving and nailing our game-changing technology, we are gratified to be here at CES 2018.”

It’s a busy time for Nexa3D, which has been doing much more than developing its NXV 3D printer. In November, we reported that the company had partnered with BEGO and XYZprinting to jointly develop and commercialize 3D printing technology for the dental industry. Under the agreement, BEGO will exclusively market and sell, under its own label, a special purpose high-speed Nexa3D dental printer that will be manufactured by XYZprinting.

Nexa3D is also revving up its interest in the automotive industry, having joined the Techniplas open innovation program, which encourages the sharing of technologies to create new opportunities within the 3D printing industry. As a full innovation partner, Nexa3D is using CES 2018 to showcase 3D printed automotive innovations alongside other additive manufacturing companies within the expanding Techniplas ecosystem.

The Nexa3D-Techniplas connection is clearly strengthened by the fact that Reichental heads the Techniplas 3D printing division, which was established in June 2017.

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While shipments are at relatively low levels, representing a limited opportunity in the medium term, Juniper expects them to increase significantly beyond the five-year period. This will be a result of an ever widening scope of applicability, driven by the entry and growth of the more established printing vendors, such as HP. This in turn will be coupled with a more attractive pricing proposition for consumers.

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The whitepaper,  ‘3D Printing ~ Cutting through the Hype’ is available to download from the Juniper website together with further details of the full report and Interactive Forecast Excel (IFxl).  Juniper Research’s highly granular IFxls enable clients to manipulate forecast charts and tables, perform what-if analysis; and compare select markets.

Juniper Research provides research and analytical services to the global hi-tech communications sector, providing consultancy, analyst reports and industry commentary.

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