Anycubic NTC 3950 100K Thermistor with 1 Meter Wiring and Female Pin Head for RepRap 3D Printer Heatbed or Hot End Pack of 5PCS


– For 3D printers: use TEMP_SENSOR 11 in Marlin firmware

– Small Size: 1.25mmx2.0mm glass bead

– High accuracy: 1%

– Resistance value at 25°C=100K

– Wiring insulation: high temperature teflon/PTFE

– Wiring length: 1 meter

Package List:

5* NTC 3950 100k thermistor with female head

Product Features

  • Conviniently pre-wired with 1 meter long high temperature PTFE insulated wiring
  • Use it with heated bed or extruder
  • Temperature sensor 100KΩ accuracy of ± 1%
  • Pack of 5PCS

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EMY 5 Pcs 100K ohm NTC Thermistors Temperature Sensor with 2 Pin Female Connector for Kossel Prusa Reprap 3D Printer

Package Content:
5 x NTC Thermistors

Seller Warranty Description:
30-Day Money Back Guarantee
Lifetime Support Guarantee

Product Features

  • Cable length: 1m.
  • Use it with heated bed or extruder, have to select “TEMP SENSOR_0” before using
  • Operating temperature is -50~+260°C, works fine in marlin and repetier
  • Has 2 pin female connector

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Dlibuy MK8 Extruder Kit, Makerbot 12V 100K Thermistor NTC Extruder Hotend 0.4mm Nozzle with 700mm PTFE Tube for 1.75mm Filament Supported 3D Printer

Item Name: Dlibuy MK8 Extruder Kit

Assembled parts details:
1. Nozzle: 0.4mm
2. Throat: M6 With PTFE liner inside
3. Filament type: 1.75mm PLA / ABS
4. Flow rate of Nozzle: about 24cc / h
5. Sports shaft speed:40mm/s
6. Cooling fan voltage: 12V
7. Heating element voltage: 12V
8. Thermistor: 100K NTC 3950
9. Working temperature: 190¡ã-230¡ã (NOTE: No less than 280¡ã !!!)

Stepper motor parameters:
1. Step angle 1.8 deg
2. Body length: 40mm
3. Holding torque: 400 mN.m Min
4. Resistance Per phase: 2.5 Ohm
5. Length of cable wiring: 70 cm

Package include:
1 x MK8 Extruder Kit

— Never lie —

Product Features

  • 1, This MK8 extruder has outstanding quality and performance for DIY and professional systems
  • 2, Upgraded from MK7 extruder, gives 35% more power, helps you solve the problems of uneven extrusion, regularly plugging, material reloading
  • 3, Special ceramic insulation cotton ensures the stability of heating
  • 4, 42mm high quality stepper motor with larger torque and less heat buildup
  • 5, NOTE: Product interpretation owned by Dlibuy, do not buy inferior products from other offers

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[REPRAPGURU] MK2B 3D Printer Dual Power PCB Heated Bed 12V Setup w/ Wires & 100k SMD Thermistor Pre Soldered Fully Assembled

Package Content: 1. 1x MK2B 12V Configuration pre wired with thermistor heated bed

Product Features

  • Pre-soldered 100k SMD thermistor with dupont connector
  • Pre-soldered 12V wire configuration with heavy gauge wire
  • Long wire leads ( 32″)
  • Ready to install on arrival

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