SainSmart 1.75mm ABS Filament 1kg/2.2lb pink for 3D Printers Reprap, Afinia, Solidoodle 2, Printrbot LC, MakerGear M2 and UP!(Afinia H-Series) (Sky Blue)

SainStore provides quality PLA and ABS filament
with vibrant colors.

This filament is always round, with no oily residue, no air bubbles, and it
comes loaded on a quality spool.

The plastic is great quality, and no kinks or breaks. Best choice for perfect


* For common 3D printers such as Reprap,MakerBot,Afinia,Solidoodle 2,Printrbot
LC,MakerGear M2 and UP!(Afinia H-Series).

* This SainSmart filament holds exceptionally tight tolerances.

* The diameter stays stable and consistent(between 1.71mm and 1.78mm)

* Widely used in health care, education, toys, building, automobile,
electronics, and anime field.

* it loads and unloads perfectly.


1. Is your filament tangled?

Check that the spool is spinning smoothly on the mount.

2. Is the nozzle clogged?

Run the Load script from the onboard menus. Observe the plastic as it emerges
from the nozzle. Does it drop straight down, or curl up toward the extruder? If
it curls back up toward the extruder, the nozzle may be partially clogged.

3. Having trouble getting the first layer to stick well?

Some adjustments to the nozzle calibration height help.

Product Features

  • 1kg 1.75mm ABS Filament
  • Filament Diameter +/-0.10mm
  • Filament Roundness +/-0.07mm
  • Print temperature: 190 – 250°C(depending on different printer model)

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Alienmake 3D printing filament PLA 2.2lb(1KG) 1.75mm Black

Alienmake is dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality 3D printing filaments. We manufactures all its own filaments in USA. Alienmake is run by several chemical engineers and makers with marketing background. Our team understands the details that are needed to produce the highest quality 3D printing filament. Alienmake uses only prime resins and colorants to ensure the highest quality and printing performance.
Alienmake uses the most accurate color blending and mixing methods to ensure consistent color and filament quality.
Alienmake uses the state-of-the-art laser micrometers to monitor our filament diameter.
Alienmake produces standard 1.75 mm and 3 mm filaments at reasonable prices for the Maker community. We will also produce custom filament blends and colors as special order.
Reasons why you should buy your 3D filaments from Alienmake:
We are a company base in US, and our manufacturing facility is also located in US. This allows us to ensure consistency of filment quality and performance. We have our own development team for high-end 3D printing materials. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality filament at a reasonable price. Our prices represent the highest value in the 3D printing filament market.

Alienmake extrudes the products that it produces, we do not resell other companies filaments.
Alienmake uses multiple color mixing techniques to ensure filaments have excellent color consistency
Alienmake goes to through extra steps to help ensure your receive the best quality filament. All filament spools are vacuum packed with desiccants to ensure the highest protection of moisture.
We are also on the cutting edge of innovation for 3D filaments. Our engineers are constantly evaluating new materials and blends that advance the science of 3D printing.
Alienmake filaments do not contain any Lead, Mercury, Cadmium, Hexavalent Chromium, Phthalates or other hazardous materials.

Product Features

  • PLA 1.75 mm filament for use with 3D printers!
  • Smooth printing experience
  • Product is made in USA
  • Print temperature: 180 – 250°C

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BuMat PLASV 1.75mm, 1kg, 2.2lb Silver Filament Printing Material Supply Spool for 3D Printer

BuMat Filament is the best, safest, and most consistent filament for your 3D Printer. This is the highest quality components for producing successful 3D print. It is compatible with all 1.75mm Printer like Flash Forge USA, RepRap, Rapman, Makerbot, BFB 3000, Rostock, Ultimaker Printrbot, Makibox, Buccaneer, Kossel, Mendel and many other printers.

Product Features

  • 1.75mm PLA at 2.2 lb. (1KG)
  • User defined melting temperature at between 160 – 180 C
  • Diameter of the filament: 1.75mm
  • Easy to use and performs well on most prints
  • Air Tight Sealed in a plastic bag

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IC3D 1.75mm ABS 3D Printing Filament 2lb Natural – MADE IN USA

***IC3D is now extruding our own filament in-house!*** 100% USA manufactured 1.75mm ABS 3D printing filament. Filament diameter is 1.75mm +/- 0.10mm. Strict production standards for cleanliness and tolerance specification ensure absolute top quality and consistent diameter. Proven results through extensive testing on several mainstream desktop 3D printers utilizing a variety of extruder designs and hot-end styles; we confidently provide every spool of filament with a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. Recommended printing temperature range is calibrated 220 – 230C. Every spool is quality checked, and sealed with desiccant in a heavy poly-bag to keep your filament clean and dry during storage. IC3D For 3D Printers, By 3D Printers (TM)

Product Features

  • 2lb of 1.75mm ABS 3D Printer Filament
  • Filament comes on a sturdy plastic spool, in a thick vacuum sealed package with desiccant.
  • Filament Diameter is 1.75mm +/-0.10. Filament Weight is 2.1lb +/- 0.1. Printing temperature range is 220 – 230C.
  • Extruded by IC3D Printers in Ohio, USA – IC3D only makes product for the 3D printing industry
  • Compatible with the following 3D printers: Reprap, Afinia, MakerBot, PrintrBot, UltiMaker, Airwolf, Makergear, Up!, Lulzbot, Flashforge, Solidoodle, 3doodler (pen), Delta, Mbot, Type A

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