Heating Block Cotton 10PCS Kapton Adhesive Gold Tape 0.78in x 108ft for Ultimaker Makerbot 3D Printer-Hotend Nozzle Heat Insulation Cotton & High Temperature Resistant High Temp Tape

Warm Instructions:
►Please keep away from children.
►Please read your 3D printer user manual carefully before installing and using it.
►Please shut off power to the circuit before starting installation work.
►Please don’t use it in others,this product is designed for 3D printer only.
►Please be safe! The temperature of 3D printer accessories could be very high.
PLA (190°C-230°C) ABS (230°C-250°C) Heater Block Cotton(<300°C)

– Color: Yellow.
– Material: Ceramic fiber.
– Size:Heating Block Cottons 2.75 x 0.78 x 0.07in(+-0.07in)[70 x 20 x 2mm(+-2mm)]
High Temp Tape (0.78in x 108ft)

Package Included:
10pcs*Heating Block Cottons
1pc*Kapton Adhesive Gold Tape

Product Features

  • ★ 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Refund your money in 30 days
  • ★ The heat insulation cotton is manufactured with top-class heat-resistant ceramic fiber material for durable and practical use.
  • ★ This Heater Block Cotton in normal working, may be appear some slight smoke, and the color will turn into dark brown and black is normal, it will not burn! please feel relieved to use!
  • ★ Must pay attention to the Safe working temperature of the 3D printer’s consumable and accessories, May cause high temperature hazards!! PLA (190°C-230°C) ABS (230°C-250°C) Heater Block Cotton(<300°C)
  • ★ This heat insulation cotton is used for 3D printer nozzle keeping warm, it can be customized according to customer needs, the advantage for keeping the key parts of the 3D printer – heating aluminum block warm, is making the internal temperature flat, saving power,and energy.

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