Software needed for 3D printing

I ordered my first 3D printer and I want to make sure everything is ready to go when it arrives.

It is a Creality CR-10 Printer

I ordred a roll of PLA 1.75mm and ABS 1.75mm so I can try both materials, I will also be getting some sort of box or container to put around the printer when printing in ABS because the room it will be in is very drafty.


1. Will 123D Design and Cura be all the programs I need to design and print 3d parts?

2. Is there a way to create holes 0.1380 inches in length on parts within 123D design?

3. I’ve read that many people have problems with their prints sticking to the bed, how can I resolve this? Is painters tape, stick glue, or hair spray better and does it go directly on the glass bed?


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