Recreus FB300250US FILAFLEX  285 mm 3D Printing Filament,  250 g,  1/2 lb., Black

FilaFlex is a TPE thermoplastic elastomer with a polyurethane base, it is the most elastic filament available for 3d printers and allows you to print elastic parts with 700% stretching until breaking. FilaFlex has excellent bonding properties with PLA, ABS, HIPS, NYLON and almost any printing material. This allows for the creation of composite parts that combine both hard and soft materials in one print. New combinations that provide for a whole new world of possibilities!!

Product Features

  • High elasticity – 700 percent stretching until breaking
  • Compatible with Bowden extruders using the Recreus hot end
  • Combine it with PLA or ABS
    and create new hybrid prints with new capabilities.
  • Resistant to acetone, solvents and gasoline
  • Not heated bed, kapton, blue tape or hairspray needed

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