OpenBeam Starter Construction Kit, Black Anodized

Our smallest construction kit, for those with smaller projects

Product Features

  • Our smallest precut kit; allows you to get a few extrusions of each size. Enough for a small framework box for electronics projects
  • Kit contains: 4x150mm, 4x120mm, 4x90mm, 4x60mm, 4x30mm, 8x T Bracket, 16x L Bracket, pack of nuts and bolts, and a 2mm hex key
  • A good introduction to OpenBeam, contains enough piece to build a tablet / smart phone stand or a small box for an Arduino / Raspberry Pi project
  • Furnished with Black Anodized finish on all the OpenBeam 1515 extrusions
  • Black Anodize is great for optics application, where stray reflections needs to be minimalized. They also etch beautifully with a laser engraver for a silver on black high contrast look. Unfortunately, scratches will also show up more as silver on black.

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