NinjaFlex TPU 3D Printing Filament – 1.75mm .50kg – FLAMINGO

NinjaFlex flexible filament leads the industry thanks to its superior flexibility and longevity compared to non-polyurethane materials. Its consistency in diameter and ovality (roundness) outpaces other polyurethane materials.

Made from a specially formulated thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) material, this patented technology boasts a low-tack, easy-to-feed texture. The result is uniquely flexible, strong prints ideal for direct-drive extruders.

Suggested Applications: Seals, gaskets, plugs, leveling feet, protective applications.


  • Shore Hardness = 85A
  • Truly flexible (no fill or layer manipulation required to achieve performance)
  • 660% elongation allows for repeated movement and impact without wear or cracking 
  • Polyurethane composition allows for excellent vibration reduction
  • Patented low friction exterior allows for smooth feeding
  • Abrasion resistance 20% better than ABS and 68% better than PLA
  • Consistent diameter and material properties providing reliable, high quality prints
  • Chemical resistant to many materials, including naphtha, ASTM Oils #1-3, petroleum and freon
  • Adheres to all standard build platforms without glue or tape
  • REACH and RoHS 2002/95/EC Directive compliant


  • Extruder Temperature:  225°C – 235°C
  • Platform Temperature: Room temperature – 40°C
    Glue and/ or blue painters tape is suggested if not using a heated bed.
  • Print Speed: 
    Top and bottom layers: 10-20 mm/ sec (600-1200 mm/ min)
    Infill speeds: 15-35 mm/ sec (900-2100 mm/ min)
    Layer 2+ use cooling fan if available.

Product Features

  • Truly flexible – no fill or layer manipulation required to achieve performance
  • 660% elongation allows for repeated movement & impact without wear or cracking
  • Excellent vibration reduction
  • Shore Hardness = 85A
  • Suggested Applications: Seals, gaskets, plugs, leveling feet, protective applications.

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2 thoughts on “NinjaFlex TPU 3D Printing Filament – 1.75mm .50kg – FLAMINGO”

  1. Worth the cost and effort I was a little bit wary of trying this, especially as I have only been 3D Printing for a month, but decided it had potential and decided to take the plunge.Firstly, I should say that it is VERY soft – even more than I had imagined – think well-cooked spaghetti.That meant, for me at least, all kinds of problems getting it to feed. After doing some research and gathering up my courage to disassemble my print head, I modified the feed assembly with a part downloaded from…

  2. big fan LOVE IT> super strong, very flexible, easy to print, good price and consistent. The company is also good to work with.I suggest 235-245 degrees, 30mm speed. LOW humidity ( i store mine with descant bags), Big nozzles dia. also helps. ( i drilled mine out with a 3/32″ drill bit)I use a lot of it. Its strong enough i printed myself several belts.. and run them through the wash still on my pants.Warning- it doesn’t work with all printers. It is flexible so it is like…

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