Bringing 3D Printing to the Masses

3-d printing.

Talk to us about what you are doing.

We make it easy for designers , artists, and businesses to take ideas they have and turn them into 3-d. they take a business file and make it a 3-d object.

And you do this for small businesses who might not have the money or the means to be able to do this.

And specifically you are working with jewelry a lot right now.

We have found that 3-d printing is really good for jewelry.

3-d printing in metal is a more cost-effective model.

It is an area where smallbatch manufacturing and personalization is really a premium.

I am a little bit of a skeptic.

This is not the first time — 3-d has been around for decades.

Printers are coming down in cost, but you are saying that a small business jewelry designer could have, what?

An individual customer like me who kind of says i like this necklace but i would like it this way and you can design it?


What is really cool is that each of these incorporates some element of personalization that happens.

This is one of my favorite pieces from one of the designers that uses our software.

She takes information about your birthday.

It creates a unique star skate pattern based on data points.

Traditionally, you would have to create a new keys for each individual user.

People can create their own information individually and it makes this item.

What does something like this cost?

The cost of materials is about $30 and it retails for about $70. it’s goldplated brass.

It is a circle and it looks like a scattering of stars.

Talk about this.

This is a project we worked on with a great organization in boston, the school for the blind.

They make rings and pendants.

You type text into the box and it creates these and generates braille.

It is great for 3-d printing, really tactile.

And you have a couple of necklaces.

This is 3-d printed sterling silver.

What’s really cool about these, they are uniquely designed to fit into one another.

That’s very cool.

The cost on this is about $85. it retails for about 150 dollars.

So it is not like customization gets crazy expensive.

Not at all.

You are doing it with jewelry.

How far can you take this model?

We think the applications of 3-d printing are endless.

One of the constraints right now is mostly cost.

The materials have a long way to go in terms of what they can do.

But patterns are firing next year and that will allow the materials to get much less expensive.

Then we can go into all kinds of other areas, spare parts, home decor, all kinds of stuff.

When you think about mass production, do you have designers churning out a ton of these?

Is that something we can see?


The traditional manufacturing is really extensive.

For a small business, it could be $10,000 or $20,000 to create a cut for a single product.

As for 3-d printing, there is no upfront cost.

Well you have to buy the device.

All the designers that made these were able to use 3-d printing as a service, which is really exciting.

The biggest innovation is not so much a technological one.

We work with vendors who charge a fee only for what you print.

It’s service on demand.

Obviously this works for the jewelry model.

A couple of years from now, you see small businesses being able to make what?

All kinds of thing.

It’s particularly good for hard items.

But some of the applications we have seen — like dishes and things or more complicated?


There are ceramics right now that are coming down rapidly in price.

Home hardware.


Do you have any investors knocking at your door?

We just closed an angel round which will hopefully allow us to bring in more people.

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