Logitech Force 3D Pro Joystick (Black/Grey)

Master the skies with the Logitech Force 3D Pro. An improved force feedback mechanism responds more realistically to games that support force feedback, and provides great control even in those that don’t. The 12 programmable buttons, precision throttle, 8-way rubber hat switch, and twist handle give you all the tools you need to maintain air superiority. The weighted base provides stability for enhanced control, and USB connectivity enables maximum flexibility and compatibility.


Product Features

  • Feel the force of weapons, collisions, and turbulance with incredible detail. The improved force fee
  • Customize it! 12 programmable action buttons let you customize your settings, download game profiles
  • Fire shots in quick succession with the rapid-fire trigger.
  • Quicklyfire yourweapons, select targets, and perform other functions using both hands. Keep your ene

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3 thoughts on “Logitech Force 3D Pro Joystick (Black/Grey)”

  1. love it! I have been buying logitech products since I got my first computer. Their joysticks I have always been disappointed by. The early wingman joysticks were great, As soon as I got the Extreme 3D models including this Force 3D, Each had some issue with it. My buddies Extreme 3D pro, throttle does not work properly, causing engine explosions in the process when playing Me262 in IL-2, on my Extreme 3D pro the base buttons on the left side of the joystick are not functioning, i have to press really…

  2. I bought it used from one of the amazon market place resellers. I’m very happy with the joystick, especially for the price! I was a little worried about force feedback after reading all the negative comments. But, I found the force feedback to be strong enough to make your simulation experience much more realistic but not too strong so as to make controlling the plane harder. Installation was a snap and logitech’s profiler software is great for tweaking the settings according to your own…

  3. Simply Put, go get this.It works Wonderfully, and its Programmable Keys make it invaluable if you are Flying. I Fly Orbiter, Microsoft X, and Microsoft Combat Simulator III. Each game has its own fully programmable keys and triggers. Its awesome, and you cannot beat the price. DON’T over think the wireless, your going to be close to your screen playing a sim anyway Not worth the loss of keys and cost. I have the Logitech wireless Joystick, but cannot land a FA-18 using it…

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