IC3D 120mm (4.7″) Wide 22M Long Kapton (Polyimide) Tape

This is a 120mm (4.7″) wide by 22M long roll of Kapton tape (Polyimide). Enough to cover about 50 8×8″ glass sheets. We prefer this size since it’s easier to apply than full width sheets. Printing over heated Kapton taped glass allows for excellent adhesion of melted plastic and gives the bottom of your print a nice smooth finish. After many hours of printing, refresh your printing surface with this stuff. This tape can handle temperatures of up to about 280C. We’ve tested tape from several different manufacturers and chose the best. *** APPLICATION TIP: To minimize the seam from laying to sides down, just spray some lightly soaped water onto the glass and tape. Lay the first side down, slide to position, then squeegee the water out. Respray the second side if necessary, lay down the tape, slide to position to butt up against the first side, slowly squeegee out water. Let dry and trim off the sides. ***

Product Features

  • Provides excellent bed adhesion for 3D printing with ABS and PLA.
  • Enough to tape your 8″x8″ glass sheet about 50 times. Easier application than a single 8″ wide sheet.
  • For best taping results, try spraying lightly soaped water onto the glass and tape. Adjust position and squeegee out water. Let dry.
  • For best adhesion, set bed temp to 110C for ABS and 60C for PLA. Cool down halfway before removing part.
  • Can handle temperatures of up to about 280C.

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