(Express)Unassembled/DIY Fully 3D Printer kit Prusa Mendel I2(Iteration 2) RepRap-Controller board:RAMPS1.4+Mega2560

Please note:

1. The listing is UNASSEMBLED.

2. Controller board of this list is RAMPS 1.4+Mega2560 board.

3. Delivery within 5-10 days from sending it out.

Full Unassembled Kit Includes:

Electronics Kit:

5×Stepper Motor Nema17

2×T5 belt pulley for Stepper Motor(+Screw)

2×T5 belt 950mm

3×End stop(with cables and 3pin Female port)

1×Heatbed MK2a

1×Aluminum plate

1×Borosilicate glass

1×Acrylic universal support plate


1×Mega2560 Board

4×A4988 Stepper Driver

1×Heatsink and set screws

1×Winding roll 3m

1×USB Cable

1×100k NTC Thermistor

1×Cooler Fan(12v,0.08mA)

1×SD breakout for RAMPS1.4

1×Screwdriver set

15×Cable Ties

1×350W 12V 29A Power Supply and cable

Threaded Rod,Socket Bolts,Washer,Nut,Spring,Linear and Ball Bearings ect.Mechanical Parts

Plastic Parts

Product Features

  • Printing area:200x200x100mm,New designed hotend version 2.0 with 2pcs 0.35mm nozzle,easy to disassemble and clean.
  • Perfect extruder with more durable X-carriage printed from 3mm ABS filament.
  • Come with universal Arylic controller board support plate and super smooth Borosilicate glass,easy to remove printing parts,print toys with flat bottom.
  • New stepper motors Nema17,large torque to print smoothly,avoid mistakes caused by friction.
  • Ultra smooth Z movement and couplings with revised X-end-idler. And power supply S-350-12 12V 29A DC included.

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