Digital Forming Powers Lowe's 3D Printing for Furnishings

Digital Forming powers Lowe’s 3D printing for mass customization of furnishings

Digital Forming, a supplier of mass customization services announced today that they are enabling Lowe’s Companies, Inc. customers to create personal living spaces using the Digital Forming mass customization platform. Lowe’s Innovation Labs has introduced a 3D scanning and printing service available online and in one store to enable customers to preserve priceless family heirlooms, create hard to find replacement parts, and personalize storage, organization and decorative items.

Currently available at Lowe’s Chelsea store, and online, customers can design specialty items such as cabinet knobs, personalized hooks for children’s clothing, gift vases, and more. 3D software specialists are available on site to provide assistance if needed.

The Digital Forming platform enables mass customization, digital fulfillment, and supply chain management so products can be co-designed by consumers and then delivered to the customer’s door. The entire value chain from design, manufacturing to product delivery is individualized providing consumers with the ultimate level of personalization. Alongside Digital Forming, partners Voodoo and ExOne are handling the manufacturing process and, 3D Shook is the agreed design partner. Together as a team, these companies are contributing to the Lowe’s Bespoke Designs offering.

“Enabling self-expression, leads to a deeper and more intimate connection with brands, which is the basis for emotional branding”, commented David Akka, CEO at Digital Forming. “We are proud to provide solutions that support co-designing of products, encouraging more brand engagement and providing the basis for lasting customer loyalty.”

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