CycleMore 5Pcs 5mm Aluminum Gt2 16t Pulley and 2GT-6mm 5Meters Rubber Opening Belt for 3D printer (reprap , Prusa i3 , MendelMax)

Aluminum 16T GT2 pulley has high quality shiny surface appearance and robust construction.
GT2 timing belt system especially suited for linear movement and positioning applications such as 3D printer, CNC and other robotics.
Pulley bore size is 5mm.

Package Contents:
5 pcs GT2 Timing Belt Pulleys with 16 Teeth
10 pcs Mounting Setscrews for Pulleys
5 Meters of 6mm Wide GT2 Timing Belt
1 Allen Key

Product Features

  • 100% Brand New Material: Rubber
  • GT2 belts are designed for linear motion, unlike T2.5 timing belts
  • Improve your print quality with high quality belts/sprockets designed for precise linear motion
  • 6mm Wide Belts, 5mm Bore, 16 Tooth Pulleys
  • High Quality Aluminum Pulleys for 5mm diameter shafts (NEMA 17 stepper motors)

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2 thoughts on “CycleMore 5Pcs 5mm Aluminum Gt2 16t Pulley and 2GT-6mm 5Meters Rubber Opening Belt for 3D printer (reprap , Prusa i3 , MendelMax)”

  1. I was looking for a drive belt to use on a linear rail for a DSLR camera. I found this belt and was offered a discount on the regular price to write an honest review.The belt is little over 16 feet, so it was more than enough for my project. It also comes with 5 drive gears and a tiny allen wrench ( I think it’s 1.5mm). I will probably only need 2 of these for my rail so the others and the additional belt can be used for another project. The dimensions are exactly the same as the belt on…

  2. I purchased this set for a cnc machine I am building. I was immediately impressed by the quality of the pulleys and the belt. The pulleys looked identical to some others I had spent more on. For all I know, they could be made in the same factory!The pulleys fit very nicely onto the motor shafts, and the teeth on the belts fit into the pulleys without any backlash.Overall, I am very happy with this set of pulleys and belt. They are working perfectly so far, operating very…

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