Cube 3D Printer Home Use, MultiColor, Wifi Capable, Dual Material

The Cube 3D printer is a consumer device that builds physical objects from digital designs, letting you turn your creative potential into reality. The Cube 3D printer turns your ideas and digital designs into real objects, like toys, jewelry and mugs. It’s super easy to use, so anyone can create designs quickly. The Cube builds objects by depositing plastic in thin layers. The layers build on top of one another until the object is finished. Think of it like dispensing frozen yogurt from a machine to make your cone as large or small as you want. 3D printing on a Cube is like that, only it lets you make way cooler, more detailed shapes. Anything that fits into the Cube build area; you’re limited only by your imagination! We’ve seen people make earrings, robots, planes, mugs, doorknobs, dog toys, dog tags, real shoes, phone cases, floating bath toys, napkin rings, androids, linked bracelets, chess pieces, cathedrals (very small ones though), gnomes… and much, much more! CHECK OUT THE MANUFACTURERS WEBSITE FOR MORE DETAILS:

Product Features

  • Designed and certified for home use
  • Dual material capability for multi-color and multi-material printing
  • New easy-load cartridges allow you to change materials in a matter of seconds
  • 23 amazing color options in both ABS and PLA plastics
  • Connect to your computer or mobile device seamlessly with Wi-Fi accessibility

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