SainSmart RepRap MK2B 3D printers Dual Power PCB HeatBed Heat Bed 12/24V Updated Version of MK2A

1PCS RepRap MK2B 3D printers Dual Power PCB HeatBed Heat Bed 12/24V Update of MK2A

Product Features

  • 2 layer, 35μm copper
  • Power Input: 12V or 24v
  • copper plated holes
  • resistance between 1.0 and 1.2 ohm

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3D Vision Printer, Dual Extruder With 2 FREE PLA Spools, PLA & ABS Filament Compatible, Assembled Desktop Printing

All 3D Vision Printers come with dual extruders. You will also receive 2 FREE 1KG spools to help you with your first build.

The new upgraded extruder is smaller, lighter, and faster to build. And since it’s designed from the ground up for 1.75 mm filament, it’s light-years ahead of past designs in reliability.

The layer alignment results in nicer prints and higher resolution, 100 micron inch.

We’ve completely overhauled the drive system to give the optimum positioning accuracy. The entire system has been upgraded to a sturdy 3/8″ diameter linear shafting. We’ve also switched to self-aligning, sintered stainless steel bearings. These are very forgiving to DIY assembly and provide a nice, smooth motion on the steel shafts. We’ve completely replaced the Z axis with a stepper driven, cantilevered stage. Guided by two of the linear shafts, this completely eliminates any Z wobble and results in nicely aligned layers. Using a high-angle lead screw, we were able to increase the speed of the Z axis from 150mm/minute to 1,000mm/minute. This means the layer changes are almost completely imperceptible.

The new electronics have been designed to make the printing experience easier than ever. The 3D printer connects to your computer via a standard USB cable thanks to a USB chip on the motherboard. We’ve also added full end stop support so that you never need to touch the XYZ axes ever again. When you hit print, the machine will automatically home itself, heat up, and begin printing. All you have to do is sit back and relax while your 3D printer does all the work. Living in the future is awesome. Oh yeah, and the electronics are all inside, so you don’t have wires dangling everywhere.

You may connect using a USB or you can simply print using the supplied 2GB SD card. Sometimes prints fail with USB connection because of PC hibernation or automatically shutdown. This was the reason we developed the SD card reader on the printer. Your 3D print just got faster and simpler.

Product Features

  • USA Seller
  • Dual Extruder – Which means you can print in 2 colors
  • Upgraded Extruder
  • Compatible with both 1.75mm ABS or PLA Filaments
  • 2 FREE spools – 2 spools of 1Kg PLA
  • USB or SD connection
  • Build Print Volume: 225 x 145 x 150 mm | 8.9 x 5.7 x 5.9 in
  • Sturdy acrylic frame
  • Internal LED lighting

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RioRand™ 1.75mm PLA Filament 1kg/2.2lb for 3D Printers Reprap, MakerBot Replicator 2, Afinia, Solidoodle etc. (Orange)

This RioRand filament is another popular plastic filament for home printingcomes coming with vacuum package, with no oily residue and no air bubbles.
The plastic is great quality, and no kinks or breaks. Best choice for perfect printing.


The diameter of hole is 3.8cm, widespread used in 3D printers such as Reprap,MakerBot,Afinia,Solidoodle 2,Printrbot LC,MakerGear M2 and UP!(Afinia H-Series).
The diameter stays stable and consistent and filament holds exceptionally toght tolerances.It loads and unloads perfectly.
Widely used in health care, education, toys, building, automobile, electronics, and anime field.


Filament diameter:1.75mm±0.1mm
Printer Temperature:160-220


1. Is your filament tangled?
Check that the spool is spinning smoothly on the mount.

2. Is the nozzle clogged?

Run the Load script from the onboard menus. Observe the plastic as it emerges from the nozzle. Does it drop straight down, or curl up toward the extruder? If it curls back up toward the extruder, the nozzle may be partially clogged.

3. Having trouble getting the first layer to stick well?

Some adjustments to the nozzle calibration height help.


1x RioRand PLA Plastic 3D Printer Dark Blue Supplies Filament Makerbot RepRap 1kg 1.75MM

Product Features

  • Powered by RioRand advanced technology
  • Made of famous material:NatureWorks
  • High precision:the filament extrudes precisely for fast printing and consistent layering.
  • Compatible with DeltaMaker, Makerbot, UP Mini, UP Plus
  • Filament comes in a light spool, in a sealed package with a bag of desiccant.

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Endstop Microswitches for 3D Printer or CNC

These microswitches are perfect as endstops on your 3D Printer, CNC machine, or anything else you need a microswitch for.
Check pictures for dimensions and specs

Product Features

  • 3 endstop microswitches for your 3D Printer or CNC machine
  • Includes: 3 microswitches
  • 6 – 2.5mm Screws
  • 6 – 2.5mm Hex Nuts
  • 12 – 2.5mm Flat Washers

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