BTAC | Additive Manufacturing and “3D Printing”

Have you heard about 3D printing and want to learn how you can utilize this technology in product design or your manufacturing operations?

Do you want to design and build a prototype? Do you want to manufacture fully functional assemblies and customized parts?

Become a part of the “3D printing” revolution in manufacturing and entrepreneurship by learning about the capabilities that additive manufacturing offers. In this course, you will gain hands-on experience in laser sintering and fused deposition modeling and build a CAD model of your choice or own design. We will discuss case studies of several applications of additive manufacturing, including designing and manufacturing patterns, molds, prototypes, proofs of concept, assemblies, and custom parts. We will also discuss the pros and cons of additive manufacturing, including dimensional accuracy, surface finish, process planning, production time, product and part customization.

Course Developer / Instructor: Dr. Victoria Townsend Victoria Townsend is an industrial and mechanical engineer working with the Bluewater Technology Access Centre at Lambton College. She has worked in an additive manufacturing lab for more than 7 years, with experience in fused deposition modeling, 3D printing, and laser sintering. In one project, she worked with a local foundry and team to combine additive manufacturing and machining in order to successfully manufacture a low-cost, short lead time sand casting pattern for a V8 engine section.

The course consists of two weekend mornings. To register, please contact:

Bluewater Technology Access Centre
Cheryl Peaslee, Administrative/Finance Assistant

*protected email*

519-383-8303 Ext 238

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