Blue Tape for Dremel 3D40 Build Platform (5 pack)

Five (5) pack of precision manufactured Replacement Blue Build Tape for your Dremel Idea Builder printer using the 6″ x 10″ Build Plate. Guaranteed to fit this model, and others with a 6″x10″ Build Plate. Replace your build tape regularly for improved printing quality, fewer print failures, and better print adhesion. Note, this replacement liner is precision manufactured by TabSynth Design Works LLC as a third party replacement for you Dremel Printer. It is not in any way a licensed, approved, or supported by the printer manufacturer. The Dremel name is a registered trademark of of Dremel Inc, which is in no way associated with these liners or TabSynth Design Works LLC.

Product Features

  • Precision Cut Blue Tape to fit your 6″x10″ Build Plate
  • Precision Manufacturered to fit Dremel Idea Builder and similar
  • Improves print quality and reliabilty
  • Parts adhere, and come off easily.

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