Black 3D Printer Pla Filament 1.75mm Dimensional Accuracy +/- 0.02mm 1.2kg Spool 2.6lb Best Plastic 3d Printing Materials

This product is a kind of high stability PLA improving from the common PLA .With an instrument to control it, the tolerance can attain 0.02mm.So the print product can possess high gloss and good Anti-impact capability.

2.Tolerance:+/- 0.02mm
3.Printing Temperation:190-210 °C
4.Bending Modulus: 1080MPa
5.Impact strength: 4.8KJ/m²
6.Tensile Strength: 65MPa
7.Application:3D printer/FDM printer
The Bending Modulus, Impact strength and Impact strength of common pla filament is only 60%-80% of our pla filament. All data is real, and customers can test it directly.

About PLA
PLA is a kind of biodegradable material which originally comes from corn and possesses basic characteristics of general polymers. Possessing excellent mechanical properties and low shrinkage rate, this product can be widely used as 3D printing supplies. It is an environment- friendly and odorless material that can easy to be degraded.

Product Features

  • High tenacity PLA filament
  • Our pla filament is high quality, printing smoothly, high gloss and better anti-impact
  • Pla(polylactie acid)filament 1.75 mm diameter (Dimensional Accuracy +/- 0.02mm)
  • 3D printer filament vacuumed sealed with plastic spool, gross weight is 1.3kg (more than 300 meter)
  • Environment-friendly and odorless PLA filament is an idea choice for 3d printing

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