3d Printed Human Organs

A Mans Face Was Reconstructed By Britsh Surgeons With 3D Printing

British Surgeons Reconstruct Man’s Face with 3D Printing After Accident


The application of 3D printing technology in the medical field is not new at all. For years now, people have been finding inventive ways to solve medical issues with unique 3D printing solutions. The use of prosthetics created using 3D printers is quite common for those in the know, even though the popularity of this use of the technology is gaining more publicity as the methods are refined and fine-tuned.

Recently, a team of British surgeons created replacement parts to restore the damaged portions of a road accident victim. The main thrust of this effort is to restore symmetry to the man’s face, using the parts created by the 3D printer. In order to achieve this, the surgeons created an image from the unaffected part of the biker’s face, allowing for a virtually perfect facial reconstruction using the exact replica.

The surgeons used an X-ray CT scan to create highly detailed three-dimensional images used to design the implants used by the maxillofacial surgeons.

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