3D RepRap Printer Kit RAMPS 1.4 Mega2560 rev3 5 A4988 G3D LCD MK2a Endstops

Kit includes:

1 x Complete soldered RAMPS 1.4

5 x A4988 Complete soldered driver with additional CLK trimpot

1 x Mega 2560

1 x Complete soldered Sdramps extension (More informations about SDRamps)

1 x Cooler Fan

14 x cables (complete wiring cables set): 6 x 3 PIN cables for endstops ,
3 x 2 PIN cables for thermistors
5 x 4 PIN cables for motors

2 x EPCOS 100k thermistor

1 x LCD and SD card LCD/SD panel with RAMPS GADGETS3D Shield: 1 * soldered and assembled panel with 4 rows LCD, SD card connector, ALPS rotary encoder
1 * soldered RAMPS GADGETS3D shield for easy connect panel into RAMPS 1.4

1 * 10pin flat cable

1 x RepRap Heatbed MK2a PCB

Packing list:

1x RAMPS 1.4 PCB

1x SDramps

1x LCD/SD Panel

5x A4988 Drivers

1x Mega 2560 rev3

1x Heatbed MK2a

6x Mechanical Endstop

14x Wiring Cables Set

1x Cooler Fan

3x EPCOS 100k

3x T5 Aluminium Pulley

Product Features

  • Fit for building a RepRap or other 3D printer, or upgrade the printer’s current configuration to a better one.

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