3D Printed Jumar

Pretty much a 3D printed jumar/ ascender. Can be adjusted using blender and such to rearrange the pieces into one print but it works fine with doing two separate ones.

Printer: XYZ Davinci 1.0

Rafts: No

Supports: No

Resolution: 0.4 mm

Infill: 10%


Can be printed in two seperate prints or in one go with edits.


  1. Print

  2. Size all the holes according to whatever rod you use, I used 1.75mm filament

  3. Acetone weld the three C’s into one piece on top of one another with the L in the corner without holes in the middle of the larger ones making sure to line up the holes.

  4. Glue the small 4mm thick line shaped piece between the two C’s in the top gap

  5. glue the wider L shaped piece to the flat piece both of which are from the internal piece group with two holes each making sure to line up the holes.

  6. Use the rod to connect the holes in the C’s to the rounded rectangles.

  7. Connect via the holes with rod the two rounded rectangles to the piece you made in step 5 sanding to ensure a smooth fit.

  8. Glue the long 12 mm tall piece to a long edge of the 100mm by 50mm rectangle using solvent welding.

  9. Glue the two C’s to the opposite long edge on the same side of the large rectangle being careful not to glue the piece you attached in step 7.

  10. glue the other 100mm by 50mm rectangle on top of the whole thing, sanding as needed to ensure a smooth fit inside.

  11. Sand and smooth the surfaces.

  12. (Optional) Drill a tiny hole in the upper or lower rounded rectangle from step 6 and fit a nail into the hole with out without glue.

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