320ft Premium Quality Filaments for 3D Pen – 1.75 ABS – 16 colors of which 2 Glow in Dark – 150 Bonus Stenicls (Downloadable PDF eBook) – Sample Fun Pack Filaments – 20 feet per color

320 FEET OF ABS FILAMENTS 1.75mm (16 COLORS X 20 FEET) including BONUS OF MORE THAN 150 UNIQUE STENCILS. This pack contains 16 VIBRANT COLORS: ~Clear (Transparent), ~White, ~Yellow, ~Orange, ~Dark red, ~Pink, ~Purple, ~Violet, ~Sky Blue, ~Dark blue, ~Jade green, ~Gold, ~Silver, ~Black, ~GID Green, ~GID White. Top quality for the best value. 16 different colors of 20 feet each gives you great amount of filaments to bring your imagination out of you 3D pen. 2 of the colors, green and white, are Glow in Dark colors. All colors are wrapped with convenient reusable twist ties. BONUS STENCILS – Mix of over 150 unique 2D and 3D stencils. Print them all, or choose which one you like the best and the fun can start. Once the order has been processed and filaments are on the way to you, you will receive an email with downloadable PDF file. We guarantee you will enjoy these great variations of colors, as well as the quality itself. If in any case you are not satisfy with the product, you can return it for a full refund. To start enjoying these unique vibrant filaments >>> Click ADD TO CART

Product Features

  • 320 FEET OF 1.75 ABS FILAMENTS ~ 16 different colors of 20 feet each, including 2 glow in the dark colors, the brightest colors you will ever find, premium quality.
  • LESS SMELL ~ After research, these filaments smell less during the usage than all other ABS filaments.
  • COLORS ~ 1) Clear, 2) White, 3) Yellow, 4) Orange, 5) Dark Red, 6) Pink, 7) Purple, 8) Violet, 9) Sky Blue, 10) Dark Blue, 11) Jade Green, 12) Gold, 13) Silver, 14) Black, 15) GID White, 16) GID Green
  • REUSABLE TWIST TIES ~ No more mess ~ once you are done with using filaments, just wrap them back on with reusable twist ties.
  • SPECIAL BONUS STENCILS ~ Over 150 unique 2D and 3D stencils specially created by MarCro for the purpose of 3D pen use. You and your kids will love the variety of stencils. There is no need to look for stencil ideas while you have it all on one place.

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4 thoughts on “320ft Premium Quality Filaments for 3D Pen – 1.75 ABS – 16 colors of which 2 Glow in Dark – 150 Bonus Stenicls (Downloadable PDF eBook) – Sample Fun Pack Filaments – 20 feet per color”

  1. Great Colors and Great Customer Service! My daughter loves her 3D pen, it is almost impossible to keep any filament in the house due to how much she uses it for her random creations.*Special Note* My original package for the Fun Pack was somehow empty and I spoke with MarCro and they sent me a new one with no hassle at all! Amazing customer service 5* just for customer service alone!Initial Impressions:-Very nice packaging (Vacuum sealed)-Nice vibrant colors-Good amount of filament…

  2. Extremely Vivid and High Quality!! I purchased this 3D filament fun pack for my son and husband. They use it with their AFUNTA 3D Stereoscopic Printing Pen for 3D Drawing. This product is extremely high quality and works perfectly. My son is 13 years old and has an absolute blast designing new things to show off to family and friends. He recently made an airplane with this product, I have included a video with this review.The colors are very vivid and look amazing when…

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